The vital is not for Steam

Please Note: The an essential delivered will call for activation on your Elder Scrolls online Account

If you acquired it indigenous GMG, you can"t activate the on heavy steam if that"s what your trying to do. You have to activate ~ above the ESO website or whatever.

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i redeemed it on GMG , my other question is the invalid an essential means used crucial ? because i want to sell it and also buyer assumed i"m a scammer or possibly ...!!!

Lol he has some anger difficulties , Invalid vital doesn"t just mean provided , it can likewise mean no a proper crucial that doesn"t also exist

at an initial buyer claimed this to me and also i believed he is lying , after ~ that ns test it on mine account and also i saw that it says " invalid password " not used code !

Are friend trying to redem through steam?As the variation on gmg is not vapor version

maybe various other users knowledgeable it before and i want to recognize what was the solution. Invalid password error defers from used vital ? carry out you understand ?

It"s a warning for this reason you adjust your comment or maybe be much more careful later on to not acquire suspended.

Wait... Girlfriend told united state that the crucial was for trading and that the businessman You gve this key to believed you want to cheat him. Perhaps it"s just him that redeemed the crucial and now saying the it to be invalid (so he will certainly not have actually to provide you anything for that)? I"m not telling that it"s the truth however it may be possible...

at an initial buyer claimed this to me and also i thought he is lied , ~ that i test it on my account and i witnessed that it claims " invalid code " not provided code !i don"t recognize maybe on Elder account there is no used vital error , simply invalid password , i don"t recognize !!!

"If they continue to endure trouble, and are unable to deal with the issue, they are invited to contact our dedicated Customer assistance team here:"

I suggest you do that then.

did you provide him the key? if yes climate it"s pretty evident he redeemed it because that himself and is tricking girlfriend

otherwise also if they key worked , you would just get it for her account and also won"t have the ability to sell it

Any website can acquire did codes. That"s before even given that GMG don"t have the cleanest history.

I wish Icould help You through providing one more used password to check... Perhaps You might be able to find some supplied one top top the Internet? Google will assist You v that.I quiet think the trader could have scammed You... Examine if the used crucial shows as invalid together You will certainly be sure.Good luck and also let me/us know just how it was!

i asked the elder scroll supporters and they claimed me the the crucial was provided , and my money flys :) :( going first on trade is the worst point in a trade with strangers ! my error was that Scrammer didn"t send any comment in write-up on and also just send friend request on heavy steam and i accept it !

I"ve i found it you"ve failed to activate your following wins: CT distinct Forces: Fire for result + F.E.A.R. And additionally regifted it.

I strongly imply reading the rules: GUIDELINES

Won gifts should be caused to the steam account used throughout registration, and they need to not be regifted, traded, or sold.


the fact is that for the first one i really didn"t recognize the preeminence , however i have the right to redeem the 2nd won gift however when i redeem that it states " the following item is not obtainable for purchase in your nation " what have to i do ? !!!!

you should contact GA creator and also request ROW crucial not region locked one. If that refuse mark as no received.

As for very first one - buy the yourself and also activate it or suck ~ above suspension and all blacklists.

" You carry out not have permission to view this giveaway, since you"ve to be blacklisted through the giveaway creator " , this is the message when i click the giveaway !

quite apparent - he blacklisted you because that breaking rule - no activating and also regifting. You can constantly contact him on steam.

You desire the truth ? the truth ? friend can"t take care of the truth. Just sit and wait for the GMG support. There"s naught you have the right to do around it. Goodluck =p

I tried to usage my ESO vital again and it gave me an "Invalid key" error, no an "already used" error. Therefore their device doesn"t differentiate between invalid and also used keys, offering an invalid vital error for both cases.

You know, i reserve my blacklist for those that really present me the they never deserve to win a video game from me and also while, up until now, it had actually been rather small...the an ext that people like WhiteAngel1992 make threads the much more my list grows.

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It"s one point to it is in an obnoxious asshat when civilization are make the efforts to aid you v the tiny information you have actually provided, it"s one more to straight up rest the rules and admit to regifting ( a video game you didn"t also want yet still entered to win...which is a concept I simply don"t get)...purely showing that they have not read any type of of the rules, FAQ or Guidelines posted on the website and have no regard because that the community, other than to benefit themselves.