For Bones" Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and also Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), it was always a issue of as soon as they would get together, not if. Earlier when the present was still airing, fans eagerly awaited the break in their noticeable romantic tension, but when it ultimately did happen, the series turned what may have actually been a beloved moment right into a significant sore spot: After resting together one time, Brennan end up pregnant.

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Based roughly the conflict partnership that anthropologist Brennan and also FBI agent Booth, Bones tackles a various murder an enig each episode. For six seasons, fans wondered when the 2 leads would acquire together. It ultimately happens close to the end of season 6, once they sleep together, causing a suddenly pregnancy. The next season jumps ahead numerous months and we view Brennan and also Booth in a relationship, eagerly awaiting the bear of their child.

While the 12-season collection came come an end in 2017, and also the actors has due to the fact that moved top top to other things, old fans are still rewatching the and new fans space still learning it. This recurring adoration inspires Reddit discussions, and also Brennan"s an initial pregnancy comes up again and also again. Part fans liked how it played out, but most take it serious worry with it, either because it rushed the much awaited Brennan and Booth connection or because it reinforced an unfavorable stereotypes around women there is no children.

While fans absolutely had worries with multiple parts of Bones, including some that Booth"s behavior, the shocking jump between season 6 and also 7 is just one of the most disappointing moment of the series. Brennan and Booth walk from having actually slept together once to being in a full-fledged grownup relationship with a baby about the corner. In truth, genuine life impacted the show"s plot, together Brennan"s pregnancy was inspired by gibbs Deschanel"s own IRL pregnancy. However, fans allude out that various other TV series have dealt with this very same obstacle in more an innovative ways.

A couple of years ~ the series ended, Redditor u/skinnyjeanfreezone tho isn"t happy with the pregnancy and time skip. They post in the bones subreddit: "I know Emily Deschanel to be pregnant in genuine life, yet do we no get any of the story on just how they acquired together, just how she told everyone, just how they dropped in love?! I"m really frustrated!" plenty of fans share this frustration, lamenting that their relationship was rushed and also the start parts to be skipped over.

For u/WailingOctopus, Brennan having a baby and getting married didn"t seem true to she character. However, a few fans liked just how the pregnancy influenced Brennan. For those fans, this was an essential step in the typically cold and also low-empathy Brennan"s character growth. User Princesspoisonivey commented in a different thread: "I think it"s interesting. You get to check out Brennan prosper as a person after becoming a mother."

While user u/bones-447 agreed the the shift between seasons 6 and 7 to be disappointing, they ultimately liked just how the pregnancy influenced the show: "For Brennan (my favourite character), s7-8 are around her getting strong enough to ultimately lose she last of her imperviousness, to it is in able to fully in love through Booth and also her family."

But if these are the main complaints carried up in r/Bones, throughout Reddit civilization are pointing out Brennan"s pregnant for a various reason.

In illustration 11 that season 1, a journalist asks the bestselling author Brennan, "What will certainly you tell her kids about the horrors you view every day?" Brennan just says that she"s no going to have any type of children. "Really?" the reporter asks. "Yes, really," Brennan responds. Later on in the episode, Booth gives Brennan feedback on her interview and also says, "Never say you don"t prefer children." the course, Brennan never said that at all.

For anyone who"s publicly preferred to not have actually children, the "Are you sure?" questioning and the presumption that they don"t like kids are both very familiar and very unwelcome. If the show might initially have been refuting these common misconceptions, its childfree fans were sorely disappointed once Brennan go what everyone insists childfree civilization will ultimately do: She adjusted her mind.

u/wyrdwoodwitch posted in the childfree subreddit around Bones: "I to be warned. I should have heeded the ... I"d heard that got bad later on. I"d heard it got mired in too much relationship drama. Ns heard that Booth and Bones get married. I also heard the Bones started out childfree and also eventually readjusted her mind. But I was NOT prepared for just how AWFUL this actually is."

Brennan actually very first sheds she childfree means in season 4, when, amidst a treatment word game, she all of sudden announces she wants a baby: "I should have actually a progeny. It"s selfish that me not to." once she tells she friends and coworkers, they"re simply as surprised as the fans. But while her friends eventually came around, the childfree fans of Bones never ever did.

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While Brennan was as soon as a function model come girls and women who had no interest in having children, her change of mental alienated those fans. Redditor u/tansypool comment on a childfree sugreddit post, saying, "I psychic looking approximately Brennan a lot as soon as I was around thirteen — strong, smart, independent, academic, didn"t want kids. I also remember a family member saying to me once I was around fifteen — "Oh, Bones adjusted her mind!" favor thank you, too ~ aunt i see about once a year, because that going for an inconsistently written argument to make a teenager feel awkward around not wanting kids."

Meanwhile, u/tacopartyinyourmouth didn"t think Brennan ever offered an excellent representation that a childfree woman: "It"s a display that compromises quite much everything I hate about prime time television and has most likely the worst characterization of a (formerly) child-free atheist. She is claimed to it is in intelligent, self-confident, and also an empowered woman however the only means the display writers appeared to think something prefer that would job-related is if she was also social inept and lacking empathy."

While numerous fans cringe at Booth throwing an high value engagement ring into a pool, the relenten of Brennan together a low-empathy childfree woman-turned-happy-mother-of-two is what really leaves a cake taste in this fans" mouths.