Our regime is specialized to giving therapeutic riding and equine-assisted tasks for the children and adults with disability so the they may improve physically, mentally and also emotionally.Equine-Assisted Therapies of southern Florida, offer the south-east Florida region.

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Executive Director

Molly Murphy

Main address

PO box 273542

Boca Raton, FL 33427 USA

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Fundraising Contact

Mr. David Plath

Development Director

Fundraising call phone: (954) 974-2007

Physical Address

Tradewinds Park phibìc 3600 West Sample roadway

Coconut Creek, FL 33073

Payment Address

PO crate 273542

Boca Raton, FL 33427

International Address

PO box 273542

Boca Raton FL 33427

International tel:

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Legal name of organization: Equine-Assisted Therapies of southern Florida, Inc.

EIN for payable organization: 59-2211126



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Health - General and Rehabilitative N.E.C. (E99)

Health - General and Rehabilitative N.E.C. (E99)

Autism (G84)


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This organization is forced to file an IRS kind 990 or 990-EZ.

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Equine-Assisted Therapies of southern Florida is working to widen the expertise of the organization mission and access program services to people with unique needs and nonprofit partner in our community.The organization ultimate goal is come inform and increase awareness among all people on the benefits of a holistic intervention strategy in ~ a healthcare/rehabilitation plan, v the usage of therapeutic horseback riding and also other essential equine-focused activities.

What room the organization's present programs, exactly how do they measure success,and who do the programs serve?

We service about 106 weekly students throughout our consistent riding sessions and 34 during summer. We have actually three consistent sessions the 11 weeks duration throughout the year because that a total of 33 weeks. Students come one hour per week for team classes. Four per course or 30 min.class through one instructor & one student. (One ~ above one)