“Even when the Dark comes Crashing v Lyrics” sung by Ben Platt, Kristolyn Lloyd, will Rolland, Laura Dreyfuss & initial Broadway cast of dear Evan Hansen represents the English Music Ensemble. The surname of the song is You will certainly Be Found.

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Have you ever felt like nobody to be there?Have you ever felt forgotten in the center of nowhere?Have you ever felt like you can disappear?Like you could fall, and also no one would hear?

(spoken)But see, view the thing is when I looked increase Connor to be thereThat was the gift he gave me, to present me that ns wasn’t aloneTo display me that ns mattered. Everyone doesThat’s the gift that he gave all of us. I simply wish, i wish I could have offered that come him…

(sung)Well, let the lonely emotion wash awayMaybe there’s a factor to believe you’ll it is in okay‘Cause once you don’t feel strong enough to standYou deserve to reach, reach the end your hand

And oh, someone will come runningAnd ns know, they’ll take it you home

Even as soon as the dark come crashing throughWhen you need a friend to lug youAnd as soon as you’re damaged on the groundYou will certainly be found

So permit the sunlight come streaming in‘Cause you’ll reach up and also you’ll rise againLift her head and also look aroundYou will certainly be foundYou will certainly be foundYou will be foundYou will certainly be foundYou will certainly be found

Have you checked out this? Someone placed a video clip of her speech online.​

My speech?

People began sharing it, i guess, and now, ns mean—Connor is everywhere.​

That speech is everywhere. This morning The Connor project page, the only had actually 56 human being following it.​

Well, how countless does it have actually now?

Four​thousand five-hundred eighty-two

Sixteen thousand​two-hundred and also thirty-nine

I don’t understand, what happened?

You did!

There’s a ar where us don’t have to feel unknown

Oh mine god.​Everybody needs to check out this.​

And every time that you contact outYou’re a little less alone

I can’t prevent watching this videoSeventeen years old

If you just say the word

Take 5 minutes.​This will make her day

From across the silenceYour voice is heard

(Ah)Share it v the world you loveRepostThe people needs come hear thisA beautiful tribute—(Ah)FavoriteI know someone that really needed to listen this todaySo thank you Evan Hansen, for doing what you’re doing(Ah ah)I never met girlfriend Connor, however coming on here, reading everyone’s posts…(Someone will certainly come running)It’s so straightforward to feel alone(Ah ah)But Evan is precisely right—we’re not alone, no one of usWe’re not alone, none of usNone of usNone that us are aloneLike. ForwardEspecially now(Ah ah)With every little thing that girlfriend hear in the news—(Someone will certainly come running)Like. Share. Repost. ForwardThank girlfriend Evan HansenFor providing us a an are to psychic Connor(Ah ah)(Someone will come running)To it is in togetherTo discover each otherSending prayers indigenous Michigan(To take it you home, to take you home)Vermont.

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Tampa. SacramentoThank you, Evan Hansen(To take you home, to take it you home)

(overlapping)RepostThank friend EvanThank girlfriend Evan HansenThis video is…Thanks come EvanThis is about..Thank youEvan Hansen

Even once the dark comes crashing throughWhen you require a girlfriend to carry youWhen you’re broken on the groundYou will be found

So allow the sunlight come streaming in‘Cause you’ll with up and you’ll climb againIf you only look aroundYou will be discovered (You will certainly be found)You will certainly be found (You will certainly be found)You will be found

Out the the shadowsThe morning is breakingAnd all is new, every is newIt’s filling up the emptyAnd unexpectedly I check out thatAll is new, every is newYou are not aloneYou room not aloneYou space not aloneYou space not aloneYou room not alone (You are not alone)You are not alone (You are not alone)You are notYou are not alone (You room not alone)

Even when the dark come crashin’ throughWhen you require someone to bring youWhen you’re damaged on the ground

You will be foundSo allow the sunlight come streaming in‘Cause you’ll reach up and also you’ll rise againIf you just look aroundYou will be foundEven once the dark comes crashin’ throughYou will certainly be foundWhen you require someone to carry youYou will be foundYou will certainly be found