Eye of the Midnight sun (白夜の魔眼 Byakuya no Magan) to be a criminal organization consisting that rogue magic users who were sworn adversaries of the Clover Kingdom. It was claimed that the terror team had formed roughly six years earlier where lock sought to develop their own kingdom. The beginnings of the team were traced to the lengthy dead Elf tribe that once lived in the civilization until their extermination. However, among their number was reincarnated in the human body of a human being child named William Vangeance. He climate sought to resurrect his people and get revenge versus humanity for the regarded crimes against his people. Together a result, that secretly formed the Eye that the Midnight sun where he uncovered searched because that Elves that had been reincarnated in human bodies and also also collection about restoring their memories along with true power.

They staged an attack on the Royal funding of the Clover Kingdom through this spearheaded by Rades Spirito that utilised his Wraith Magic to create a horde the undead. The Eye removed the Magic article defenders by utilizing spatial magic to displace lock far external the capital enabling for Rades to assault where he wanted revenge against the Knights. In reality, the strike was a huge distraction in order to draw out Magic article Captain Fuegoleon Vermillion of the Crimson Lions so that he might be eliminated.

As part of their next plan, lock dispatched Vetto alongside numerous soldiers come the Underwater temple in bespeak to case the magic rock that resided there. Vetto"s slim magical power permitted him come effortlessly break v the an effective water magic order that protected the site. He broke into the temple once the black color Bulls to be locked in a contest with the holy place guardians because that a prize. Vetto proved no distinction between the 2 sides and also battled both whilst the dispatched his men to find the stones as well as attend to any remaining resistance. It was his sheer power that outclassed all of his opponents yet the unity together with tenacity the the black Bulls ultimately proved victorious with Captain Yami slaying Vetto. Thus, he was defeated and the other members of his strike force were taken into custody through the Magic Knights. Vetto"s defeat was considered a huge loss for the Eye that the Midnight sun who still waited for your leader Licht come awaken native his healing. They chose to effort to claim an additional of the magic stones the was take away by the residents of the Forest of the Witches. Rhya the Hateful led a pressure in attack it to insurance claim the magic stone leading to a confrontation through the black Bulls and also a military force from the Diamond Kingdom that sought to kidnap the Queen of the Witches.

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Following the development of the Royal Knights, the Clover Kingdom determined to use this brand-new elite force to strike the headquarters that the Eye that the Midnight Sun. Thus, lock transported us to the cult"s headquarters where they infiltrated the large floating structure. Meanwhile, three of Eye that the Midnight Sun"s members an in similar way staged an attack versus the home of the Black Bulls in an effort to gain the magic stones. Meanwhile, Licht in his hold body that Captain Vangeance confronted the sorcerer’s King and also revealed his true nature. This led to a fight between the pair where originally Licht to be unable to defeat his foe"s time magic but he then decided to strike all the citizen in the capital instead. To conserve the people, Julus Novochrono used every bit of his magic to avoid the strike which left him breakable to Licht who dealt a deadly blow against the wizard.


In appearance, the organization operated as a an enig cult whose members generally masked their identities indigenous others. Your symbol was that of a row of eyes the decorated their uniforms. The company consisted largely of ability mages all of whom to be able to actors various forms of magic. Their number was said to be roughly 50 members and they were thought about a terror group who to be looking to develop their own kingdom. A goal of the members that the team was the acquisition of magic stones i beg your pardon they believed would allow them to command a routine for them to ascend to their true form. Thus, castle sought to transform themselves into beings v closer ties come the mana of the world. Unknown to anyone, the true kind was actually the soul of slain members that the Elf tribe who took over the bodies of their human hosts. The human being members that the Eye that the Midnight sunlight were unaware that this and also in truth were being used by Licht whereupon the intended to eliminate them ~ they had served their function as the despised humanity.

Members the the Eye the the Midnight sun were presented to be deeply dedicated to their leader Licht and also shown to never betray him. The 3 strongest fighters in ~ the group were described as the Third Eye.

Whilst spread out out across the lands, the Eye"s main base that operations to be a floating dungeon located in the Gravito rock Zone.


Licht : leader that the Eye of the Midnight Sun and also wielder the the rarely light magic.Rhya : a male Elf Apostle that was a member the the third Eye that represented the top quality of being Disloyal with him wielding Copy Magic that allowed him to assume the type of others and also he was able to sense any kind of manner that deception.Vetto : beast-like male Elf Apostle that was a member of the third Eye that stood for the high quality of Despair and also wielded powerful Mythical Beast Magic.Fana : a pink haired female Elf Apostle who was a member that the third Eye that stood for the top quality of Hatred and wielded powerful Flame Magic v her having a Salamander spirit familiar that aided she in battle. Catherine : a witch that drained the vitality of others to make herself young v her being skilled in ash creation and curse magic.Valtos : a masculine member who was a mage that specialised in spatial magic permitting him to open portals.Sally :Heath Grice :Rades Spirito : a masculine necromancer who was a civilian in the Clover Kingdom that joined the violet Orcas yet was exiled as result of his heart Corpse magic that allowed him come reanimate bodies.


The Eye the the Midnight sunlight was developed by Yūki Tabata whereby they featured in the setting of black Clover.

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