The expression “a face only a mother could love” can have originated from a 1976 independent film. The screenshot to be taken from the scene whereby that line was uttered. (Pictured: Ernest Williams II together “Jesse Adams.”)

I know, i know. This no a pretty saying, however the find for its origin was well worth it. In the process, i was may be to find out something new (as always) and I had actually an excuse to look a film I had actually never heard of before.

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Before talking about the origin, let’s fist define what the saying means.

What Is ‘A confront Only a Mother can Love’?

When who says one more person has actually “a challenge only a mother can love,” the previous is saying the latter is very ugly. And also since mothers normally have strong bonds v their children, mothers frequently refrain native disparaging your children, an especially in terms of those children appearance.

Speaking of looks:

My search an initial took my to a page that had an excerpt from a book that consisted of Green Mythology. The page was around Perseus’ “foolhardy” search to kill Medusa, who was one of three hideous Gorgons. The Gorgons were three sisters whose hair to be made that serpents. Anyone who looked at their encounters would revolve to stone.


Sometimes, human being make references to the story in order to humiliation others, too.

What Is the beginning of This Saying?

I’m not completely sure, however by chance, ns was directed to a page on the Turner Movie standards website. After doing a variety of searches, I witnessed the words “a confront only a mother can love” in the rich text snippet for the result. Ns clicked with to watch the page, i m sorry was about a movie referred to as “Emma Mae.” The expression “a face only a mother might love” turned up in among the featured estimates from the movie.

I was able to uncover this movie online and also I quite enjoyed it.

About Emma Mae

“Emma Mae” (alternatively dubbed “Black Sister’s Revenge”) was a 1976 elevation “Blaxploitation” film directed by Jamaa Fanaka when he was still a college student at UCLA’s film school. This film to be his second and that was provided as his major thesis.

The location character to be a naïve young girl indigenous Mississippi who was brought to Compton, CA by her aunt Daisy after ~ Emma’s mom died. In ~ first, Emma Mae did not get along with her teenaged cousins, however she reflects that she is precocious in part ways.

Emma Mae is introduced to Jesse, a leader the a corridor who shortly takes advantage of her. Emma is take away by Jesse, who later is arrested after ~ he and another young guy named Ezekiel gained into a scuffle with police officers.

Emma decides to raise money for bail to obtain Jesse and also Zeke out of jail. Yet after those two were released, Jesse breaks Emma’s heart.

Where the phrase Comes In

The phrase in inquiry was talked by Jesse near the end of the movie:

You got a challenge only a mother can love and she died so she wouldn’t have to look at it no more.

In reality, Emma Mae, who was play by Jerri Hayes, was a beautiful young woman.

Have I ever before Used This Phrase?

To be honest, i’m no point of view … but this is not an humiliation I’ve provided before. I only used the phrase for this post, since of my curiosity around the origins. The research study was fine worth it because it led me to view a rather entertaining film.

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