in ~ the later on stages of the game, you unlock "advanced" rooms that have actually the same base use as earlier ones. I"m referring to the Nuclear Reactor, Garden, Water Purification Plant and also Nuka Cola Bottler, that change the usability of the Power Generator, Diner, Water treatment Plant.

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At first glance, the seems choose a great idea come (eventually) replace all your old manufacturing rooms with the brand-new ones, as soon as unlocked.

Are these progressed rooms strictly far better than the earlier ones? If not, what room the downsides?



Yes, yet they cost more caps.

All the the later on rooms provide you better resource/dweller, and greater storage/room, however at a far greater cap cost.

The nuclear Reactor, Water Purification Plant, and also Garden room all an ext efficient than their basic equivalents, and also the Nuka Cola tree is more efficient quiet (but far far an ext expensive again).


I"ve been testing out Gardens vs Diners, and also they have equal capacity, 55 production maxed out contrasted to 40, however takes approx. 1.5x as long to produce it. Come me, that"s plainly not precious it. I"d rather have actually the faster production therefore my mr Handy have the right to collect it much more regularly. That and 40 x 1.5 = 60, so 55 feels an extremely tight for such an high value upgrade. Rubbish of money...

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