Our household Thrift facility Outlet locations room where savvy shoppers come to save. Every Thursday, brand-new inventory come in and every article is priced at just $2.00. On Fridays, prices drop a quarter to $1.75 an item. Then, every day after that, the price drops one more 25 cents till Tuesdays, when prices autumn to simply 50 cents an item. Price drop one more 25 cent on Wednesdays, when every items in the Outlet store expenses only 25 cents! v shopping this guilt free, you can not lose! Our family Thrift facility Outlets sell men’s, women’s and also children’s clothing, along with shoes, purses and accessories. See below for a daily price breakdown. Store hrs differ per location.

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The cool opening for family members Thrift Uvalde Outlet has been postponed till Sept 23rd in ~ 7am.431 Uvalde Rd, Houston, TX 77015

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Outlet Price every Item
Thursdays$2.00 per item
Fridays$1.75 per item
Saturdays$1.50 every item
Sundays$1.25 per item
Mondays$1.00 every item
Tuesdays50¢ per item
Wednesdays25¢ per item

Outlet Store hrs Horario de la Tienda

Monday 9:00a-9:00p Lunes 09:00a-9:00p

Tuesday 9:00a-9:00p Martes 09:00a-09:00p

Wednesday 9:00a-11:30a Miercoles 09:00a-11:30a

Thursday 7:00a-9:00p Jueves 07:00a-09:00p

Friday 9:00a-9:00p Viernes 09:00a-09:00p

Saturday 9:00a-9:00p Sabado 09:00a-09:00p

Sunday Noon-7:00p Domingo 12:00p-06:00p


 Vance Jackson Outlet save Prices!

Located in ~ 2011 Vance Jackson Rd, san Antonio TX, 78213

Outlet Price per Item
Thursdays$2.25 every item
Fridays$2.00 every item
Saturdays$1.75 every item
Sundays$1.50 every item
Mondays$1.00 every item
Tuesdays$0.50 per item
Wednesdays$0.25 every item

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The grand opening for household Thrift Uvalde Outlet has actually been postponed till Sept 23rd at 7am.431 Uvalde Rd, Houston, TX 77015