Long time readers know that i am in love with the idea of a brief scale Fender. I bought a Squier Jagmaster and also I love the brief scale and also “melted Strat” body shape. It’s among my favorite guitars (after an altering the saddles and pickups.) So once Fender announced a brand-new short scale design Tele and Strat, in their “budget Fender” modern-day Player line, I had to go take a cold shower. Yesterday i took a ar trip to the Clearwater guitar Center (hi Kevin,) and also played them both because that a while. The quick version? i love the Tele and hate the Strat.

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But let’s back up. Typical Fender Strats and Teles have a 25.5 inch scale length. The Gibson Les Paul supplies a 24.75 inch range length. PRS uses a 25, type of a “best the both worlds.” but the Jagmaster provides a 24, which human being call a “short scale.” since the frets space closer together, it’s simpler to beat (for some people, choose me.) Warmoth, maker of fine but expensive necks, sell a “strat conversion” neck where it’s a quick scale neck that functions on your standard strat body without relocating the bridge. Critical time I confirm it was around $300 as soon as you included everything girlfriend need including shipping. For this reason the idea of gift able to buy an entire strat for $399 had actually me drooling.

I should have actually known better. Here’s the spoiler – both of these guitars feature smaller than regular bodies. They’re not full size favor my Jagmaster. For this reason both of these guitars would be good for the 12 year old guitarist who is ready for a slight step up from she Fender bullet Strat. However when i played the Strat it felt like playing a kid’s guitar. It was terrible – the neck feel tiny, the body also small, and it didn’t also sound the good. The Strat has actually a Guild humbucker in the bridge position, and to me the was just a bad combination. The various other two solitary coil pickups to be mediocre, and the tuners were unsuited for actually tuning the guitar. There to be nothing i liked around it. It’s a awful instrument. Store your Bullet, kid.

But strangely, the Telecaster was awesome. The neck felt prefer a brief scale yet not as well small, the guitar body felt to small but I could live with it, and also most important the Guild pickup in the neck place sounded exceptional to me. This neck is most likely the same measurements as the Strat neck, yet somehow it functions on the Tele. Would certainly I purchase this guitar off the shelf because that $399? Maybe. I already have a MIM Tele and also now I’m contemplating difficult a Guild humbucker in the neck position. Would certainly I purchase this Tele supplied for $299? Probably. It plays and sounds great. But…

But the hardware on both of these guitars is crap. Other than for the Guild humbucker, the is. These tuners are possibly the worst I’ve ever seen on a new guitar. Ns really struggled to obtain both of these guitars in tune. They’re past awful and also I’d recommend replacing them automatically to anyone who buys among these guitars. The solitary coil pickups are boring. No bad, simply not good. The bridge saddles look cheap, and from experience and also feel I’d say the pots and switch space all cheap. The fretwork was great on both guitars, though.

Once again, Fender disappoints me. A short scale Strat or Tele through a complete sized body would be very popular, i think. Among the reasons civilization like the Mustang and also the Jaguar is the quick scale neck. If Fender talked to an ext customers they’d realize that there’s a market for a complete sized Strat/Tele v a short scale neck – a bigger industry than because that shrunken under versions of those guitars. Still, the Tele is fun to beat anyway.

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One last point. I’ve play a many of modern-day Player Fenders in the past year, and I need to say that I think the Squier standard Vibe guitars are better instruments for much less money. They feel better, like much more care was taken making them, and the hardware and also pickups are better.