Calling what any healer go a "rotation" can be a little bit of a stretch. Unlike DPS and also tank classes, healers have a more elastic role in their party composition. Rather of a set rotation, healers have actually a toolbox of healing an abilities they have to pick from while also contributing come the party"s as whole DPS. Because that White Mages, that way you"ll mostly be pressing your "Glare" button while throwing the end heals together needed.

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Before gaining into the White Mage kit and also how you need to prioritize your skills, let"s look in ~ the style of the class. Suitable to the last Fantasy series and lore of final Fantasy XIV, White Mages space the various other side that the exact same coin as the black Mage job. These classes benefit the most from a "turret" style gameplay, pushing out higher DPS numbers when they deserve to minimize their movement. White Mage may also be more the a turret than Black Mage, together they have much fewer movement tools 보다 their DPS sibling.


As I"ve said before, "Glare" is the ability you"re walking to desire to gain most acquainted with. In ~ 300 potency v a 2.5 2nd cast time, it"s the White Mage"s bread and also butter for DPS. And also the name method you get to make a many puns about glaring in ~ DPS that refuse to relocate out the the plainly marked AoE puddles. (Yeah, black Mage, I"m looking at you.)


"Dia" is the White Mage"s damage over Time (DoT) spell, and also main weave window. "What"s a weave window?" ns hear our novice White Mage"s ask. To put it simply, a weave home window is an instant-cast spell the gets your global cooldowns (GCDs) rolling. As soon as you actors one of these spells you"ll be unable to cast other spells that operation on the an international cooldown (such together Glare or Cure), however you"ll still have the ability to cast off global Cooldown abilities (oGCDs).


Weave windows are vital for every classes, but especially White Mage since we have so few of them. As I claimed before, Dia is our main weave window, and also we"ll want to reapply the DoT impact every 24-30 secs (or in ~ 6 secs of the DoT result falling off). When we’re weaving in oGCD skills we have a couple of options to keep in mind: 

Assize is the very first ability we desire to look at. This is a 400 potency AoE heal and nuke that’s centered on the White Mage. Well-versed White Mages will use this ~ above cooldown as a DPS gain, but if you still obtaining comfortable v all your healing an abilities it’s okay to hold on come it because that a bit. Just shot not to hold on come it too long, together it has actually a fairly short cooldown (45 seconds) and is a substantial DPS gain. Assize will commonly be the very first skill a White Mage casts throughout a Weave Window.Tetragrammaton (usually shortened to Tetra), a 700 potency single target heal. This is our an initial choice when only one human being needs a heal.Asylum, an AoE bubble that heals over time and also strengthens other heals cast. This is your main AoE heal when your party bring away raid-wide damage, yet won’t be taking much more damage because that a while. Simply make certain your party is stand in the bubble.Presence that Mind, a long cooldown ability that transforms your White Mage into a Glare spamming shotgun. You’ll want to use this together a DPS gain, so use this turn off cooldown as soon as you don’t have to emphasis on healing.Divine Benison, a shield through the toughness of a 500 potency heal. With a 30 2nd cooldown, girlfriend pretty much want to litter this top top your key tank anytime you have actually a totally free weave window.Temperance, a momentary buff that offers your White Mage quite glowing wings while also providing 10% damages resistance to nearby party members and also increases the power of heal spells by 20%. You usually want to use this to alleviate heavy, raid-wide damage.Benediction, a lengthy cooldown capability that will completely heal the party member it’s actors on. One of the finest healing an abilities in the game, this skill will save your tanks native the brink the death and also make you the blessing (or bane) the Dark Knights. Usage sparingly, but do usage it.

Temperance in action.


Technically, you likewise have instant role actions favor Lucid Dreaming and Swiftcast, however the “optimal” means to usage these space pretty much universally seen as use Lucid Dreaming top top cooldown once you get down come 60-70% of your mana, and hold Swiftcast so friend don’t need to hard cast Raise when your party member decides they don’t have to do mechanics. (At higher tiers the play you can additionally use Swiftcast come create second weave home window with Glare, yet don’t stress about that till you have a party you have the right to trust to do mechanics.)


Your Lily Abilities space your following most necessary abilities. Every 30 secs while in combat you’ll generate a Lily on your Lily Gauge (the White Mage job resource). This lilies have the right to be invested to actors Afflatus Solace or Afflatus Rapture. Afflatus Solace is a single target 700 potency heal, when Afflatus Rapture is a 300 potency AoE heal centered on the White Mage. Spreading either of this spells will also empower her Blood Lily, which becomes totally empowered after casting 3 lily abilities and lets you cast Afflatus Misery.

A complete Lily Gauge with a totally bloomed Blood Lily. 

Afflatus Misery is a targeted, 900 potential AoE damages spell that does 25% less damages to all adversaries after the 1st. This is one of the many satisfying skills to use, specifically when girlfriend crit or straight hit on it and see those giant numbers. If you nothing maniacally cackle “Blood for the Blood Lily!” together you cast this spell you’re no doing the right.


Blood for the Blood Lily!


All of her Afflatus spells are instant cast GCDs, definition casting them puts the remainder of your spells ~ above cooldown. It is why her Afflatus heals are considered lower priority 보다 your oGCD heals, due to the fact that even through Afflatus Misery casting a spell that isn’t Glare is a DPS loss. (3 Lily heals and 1 Afflatus Misery is 900 potency, matches the 1200 potential you gain from casting 4 Glares.)


However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have ample avenues to use your Afflatus skills in high-end content. Afflatus Rapture is her best source of prompt AoE healing, and when she in a movement-heavy case using a Lily heal even if your party doesn’t need any healing is preferable to not casting anything. Think about it an invest in damage later on, as soon as you can cast Afflatus Misery to comprise for all the Glares girlfriend couldn’t cast while moving.


Because your Afflatus an abilities are GCDs they can also be offered to develop weave windows. Following an Afflatus Rapture actors with an Assize have the right to be a solid source of burst heal after a heavy raid-wide, if holding on come an Afflatus Misery till you should weave in a Tetra on your tank is an effective strategy. The real hard and also fast preeminence you desire to adhere to v the Lily Gauge is not using a lily heal while you have a full Blood Lily.

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Finally, round off out our kit, we have actually our hard actors heals and Regen. It can surprise several of you if ns told girlfriend we, ideally, never want to actors these spells. While they to be our bread and also butter while we were leveling, by the time you reach max level you have so countless oGCD heals that us can frequently make do without GCD heals in all yet the many niche situations. During well-managed raids you could use Medica II once or twice for the AoE regen effect, but if you’ve gotten to the allude where you’re spreading Cure II or Medica to store your party alive the run has probably currently taken a revolve for the worst.


At the end of the day, these suggestions are meant to obtain you come heal an ext efficiently and get a an excellent parse on FFlogs, yet the most important component of high finish raiding in final Fantasy XIV is discovering the mechanics of the fight. A straightforward rule of ignorance for every classes is come follow her ABCs: “Always it is in Casting,” an interpretation you always want your worldwide cooldown running. Now great luck, raiders! don’t forget around me when you’re the world’s finest White Mage!