I freshly came back to the game and also saw you might get some an excellent stuff v it. However, ns habe no clue as to how to obtain them or what's the best method to farm yard them (google didn't really aid either).

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Any advice?


Syrcus Tower is a quick means to earn 2 tomes each run if you have a healer or tank to reduced queue times down.

In the duty finder, details ARR duties will have the tomestone icon by their name.

Fastest farm yard is just to get a party of 4 BLU Or 2 BLU, one Tank, and one Healer and just blast v low level dungeons.

You have to sync the dungeons though.

The duty finder has a tiny icon next to stuff that provides them, the lvl 50 alliance raids it seems to be ~ to be the ideal option however if you still require poetics or exp then msq roulette isn't too poor either. If her e not level 50 yet then there's a couple of low level dungeons that give one per run too

What I’ve to be doing is the main scenario roulette and also alliance roulettes yet that’s not really optimal it’s simply cus i’m levelling other tasks so the 2 birds v one stone

My partner and I don't have actually our blue mages leveled and don't treatment to put together a premade, so we are been farming Castrum meridianum, the very first MSQ dungeon, together a tank/healer duo. If you gain the shock skip top top the colossus boss it's around 25 mins (with cutscenes) for 3 moogle tomes, which seems pretty hard to beat to me.

There's really only two items that space semi-worth it. Namazu earrings if you like that sort of point or are a collector and also the Pegasus mount because Diadem have the right to be a bit of a ache in the behind to run.

Everything else can be earned far more easily and also less stress-inducing by simply doing the contents it's native (Beast quests and Hunts). As for how to gain the tomestones, simply run your Alliance raid every day and whichever of the dungeons you deserve to stomache that have the moogle note next come them.

You do it sound for this reason terror inducing lol I've already gained choose 40 that them just leveling (doing roulette to add queuing for arbitrarily dungeons along the way).

Here's the advertisement for it: https://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/special/mogmog-collection/

It's walk to depend on your playstyle on i m sorry is faster / far better for you, and of course what contents you have actually completed as whatever is gated behind either levels, act the MSQ approximately a point, or law the pre-req pursuits that cause the raids.

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Personally, I carry out the shortest MSQ dungeon together if falls in at around 30-35 min for 3 tomes. Some world spam the alliance raids the come in at 20-25 min for 2 tomes. Then you acquire 1 tome for doing the lower level dungeons marked with a moogle on them in the dungeons lists.

Pick your poison and also get come farming! :)


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