Final Fantasy XV Rainbow Frog location

Final Fantasy XV The Frogs the Legend is the final quest in Sania’s questline from the latest FFXV video game arisen by Square Enix because that PS4 and Xbox One.

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It is also one the the most difficult quests in the video-game not because of the adversaries you encounter, but since it calls for you to know 5 covert locations.

Without a guide, completing Final Fantasy XV The Frogs of Legend is nearly impossible.

Because that this, we have created the following walkthrough which describes how to complete The Frogs of Legend.

Being the critical mission native a lengthy questline, you obviously have to finish all of Sania’s quests in order to play The Frogs that Legend.

Unlocking all locations by removed the imperial blockades is also necessary, due to the fact that the 5 frogs room scattered roughly the world.

We indicate you come undertake this pursuit after you complete Chapter 8: Seaworthy and also the Brave new World main-quest.

If you fulfill all these requirements, head to Meldacio Hunter HQ in northern Cleigne and also talk to Sania.

She will inform you that she is looking for Rainbow Frogs. The only info that can aid you situate the Rainbow Frogs, is that they live near water.

Objective: catch 5 Rainbow Frogs

As specified, the elusive Rainbow Frogs are very hard to uncover if girlfriend don’t know where to look for them. Below are their specific locations.

The first Rainbow Frog is located near Alstor Slough. Zoom in your map and notice that there space 3 lakes in this area. Check the northeastern shore of the tool lake, and look in between the trees.

The second Rainbow Frog have the right to be found south the Coernix terminal – Cauthess Outpost. An alert the lake in ~ Saxham Outpost. Examine the eastern shore and you should uncover it near a big rock and a fence.

For the third Rainbow Frog examine the southwestern coast of the Vesperpool lake. Friend should find it on among the little islands in the swamp.

The 4th FFXV Rainbow Frog is ~ above the shore of the river that the cross Cleigne. Indigenous the Maidenwater Parking Spot, an alert the east area whereby the flow splits in two. Inspect the western shore and also look for the covert frog beside a bigger rock.

From the ahead location, head south and check the eastern riverbank west of fort Vaullerey. The last Rainbow Frog is beside another huge rock.

To discover all Rainbow Frogs in Final Fantasy XV also faster, us suggest complying with our video clip guide below. If you encounter difficulties, try turning off the in-game music while in search of them.

Objective: provide the Griffon Feather to Sania

After you capture these elusive creatures, go earlier and speak to Sania at Meldacio Hunter HQ. The professor will be incredibly satisfied to view the Rainbow Frogs and also will reward you with a Ribbon.

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Sania’s quest-line end the minute you finish The Frogs that Legend.

The Frogs that Legend pursuit Info

Description: “The ancient tome Sania purchased yielded intriguing, if scant, info on the legend rainbow frog. If she could yet find part live specimen to study, her name would go under in herbal history. As ever before unable come refuse the professor, Noctis sets out to discover his many elusive targets yet.”