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The FBT map Ctrl app lets girlfriend proactively regulate your first Bank and also Trust firm Debit Card making use of your mobile device. Safeguard your Card, regulate Spending and set Parental Controls. 

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Announcing Notifi!

with Notifi you’ll constantly know specifically what’s happening with your money, and you can watch for suspiciously activity.

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Supporting Our regional Community

an initial Bank and Trust company has been a vast supporter the Minden an initial Bank short article #94 Legion Baseball for the last 14 years.

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Online home Loan Application

apply Online Today!

Whether purchasing, refinancing, or building new, we have actually a arrangement for you. All of our house loans are fixed-rate…

Investing in our community.

We take it our function in the community seriously. Authorized in miscellaneous organizations and also boards in Minden and also the surrounding communitiesis vital part of who we are.

Actively Committed

Our employee are energetic members of our community. Your involvement in area organizations is a testimony to this.

Growing Agriculture

We offer bottled water and peanuts at the county Fair; and during harvest, we offer lunches at local grain elevators.

Year-End Giving

We make donations to libraries, fire departments, youth programs, senior centers and also youth sports programs.

Youth Development

Support and involvement in the youth the our neighborhood is vital investment because that its continued growth and also prosperity.

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New! cell phone Wallets!

Click here to learn more about our newest an innovation release for your debit card.

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Five-Star Rating

Thank you come our customers, very first Bank and Trust agency has received optimal honors earning a 5-star rating native Bauer Financial for the previous 25 years! find out more.



315 E. 4th StreetMinden, NE

Main financial institution Hours 9AM - 4PM (M-F) 8:00AM - 5:30PM Drive-Up (M-F) 8:30AM- 11:30AM Saturday Drive-Up We will accommodate after hrs by appointment. To report a lost or stolen debit card after bank business hours, please contact 1-866-842-5208 NMLS # 649509All hrs