Thank you for your gifts to God through Downers Grove very first United Methodist Church in 2021! also in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, our church has actually remained faithful with recurring presents that have actually made all of our programs, ministries, missions, and also community connections influenced by the world feasible and viable. Thanks to her contributions in the name of God, our church and also community have actually been Growing Our presents for new Life Together in vibrant new ways. Ours church has actually gone v so plenty of changes, yet our core worths of open up Hearts, open up Minds, and Open Doors (in person and online) stay constant.

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This October, us explored ours membership vow of presence, prayer, service, gifts, and witness. On appointment Sunday (October 24) we celebrate the exciting avenues for the church as we stream forward with brand-new technologies that we deserve to utilize now and also in the future.

Christ is always with us, and also our church is constantly there for united state as well. Ours youth ministries, inspirational music programs, specialized staff, and most the all, our finest traditions of relishing the glory that God in ours lives, space still there but look a little different.

The tasks of our church call for a huge financial investment for our beautiful, yet old, church building, the spiritual leaders of our youth and music programs, and our mission work. By make this investment, friend commit to the success the the church’s as whole mission the enriching the spiritual resides of the congregation and also the community. Every gift, no issue how large or small, furthers that mission and helps carry the post of Jesus come the civilization striving to administer full consist of recognizing our strengths and also our diversity.

Join united state Sundays at 10:00 a.m. For worship in person and live-streaming top top YouTube! Click here to join us! 

Online WorshipOur live-streamed worship service will be obtainable for city hall on YouTube.


In-person WorshipWe have actually made the following alters to our plan in solution to the freshly revised CDC and State that Illinois guidelines:

No registrations are required to to visit in-person worship, just join us in the sanctuary!Masks are once again required in the church and during worship according to recent CDC and also State that Illinois health Department updates, also for those that are totally vaccinated.For those who have not received a finish COVID-19 vaccine yet, put on a mask and maintaining six feet of social distance room still required.There will be no tracking an approach for checking inoculation records. Us encourage everyone to become familiar through CDC guidelines and use finest judgment.We are now singing indoors during the service, however only after kids have left for Sunday School.

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All are welcome!

Can"t make it Sunday Morning?Our live-streamed worship service will continue to be accessible for the town hall on YouTube at any kind of time. Recordings of past worship services on Zoom are easily accessible on our website here.