The lyrical themes that “Wake Up” mainly kind a critique of both racism within the American government and the FBI’s counter-intelligence program aimed towards surveilling… read More 
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Come onUghCome onAlthough ya shot to discredit, ya still never read itThe needle, I'll object it, radically poeticStandin' through the fury that they had in '66And favor E-Double "I'm Mad", tho knee deep in the system's shitHoover, he to be a human body removerI'll provide you a dose yet it'll never ever come closeTo the rage built up inside that meFist in the wait in the floor of hypocrisyMovements come and movements goLeaders speak, movements cease when their heads space flown'Cause all these punks gained bullets in your headsDepartments of police, (What!) the judges (What!), the fedsNetworks in ~ work, keeping people calmYou understand they went after King as soon as he spoke out on VietnamHe turned the power to the have-notsAnd then came the shotYeahYeah, earlier in this
With poetry my mind i flex"Flip" favor Wilson, vocals never lackin' that finesseWhat execute I got to, what execute I acquired to execute to wake up you up?To shake you up, to break the structure up?'Cause blood still operation in the gutterI'm prefer taking photos, mad young kicks open the shutterSet the groove, then stick and move prefer I to be CassiusRep the "Stutter Step" climate bomb a left top top the fascistsYeah, numerous federal menWho traction schemes top top the dream and put it come an endYou much better beware that retribution through mind war20/20 visions and also murals v metaphorsNetworks at work, keepin' people calmYa understand they murdered X and also tried to blame it on IslamHe turn the strength to the have-notsAnd then came the shotWhat was the price on his head?What to be the price ~ above his head!?I think ns heard a shotI think i heard a shotI think i heard a shotI think ns heard a shotI think i heard a shotI think i heardI think ns heard a shot
"Black Nationalism... <...> might be a brave challenger for this positionBut have to he give up his claimed 'obedience'To the 'White free doctrine' that non-violenceAnd adopt Black Nationalism"Through counter-intelligence, it must be possibleTo pinpoint potential troublemakers and neutralize themThrough counter-intelligence, it must be possibleTo decide potential troublemakers and neutralize themAnd neutralize them, and also neutralize themAnd neutralize them, and neutralize themAnd neutralize them"Wake upWake upWake upWake upWake upWake upWake upWake upHow long? no long'Cause what you reap is what you sow
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The lyrical themes the “Wake Up” mainly type a critique that both racism within the American government and the FBI’s counter-intelligence programs aimed towards surveilling residential political organisations. An FBI memo is sampled in the song, in i beg your pardon J. Edgar Hoover argues a have to suppress the black color nationalist movement.

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In true Rage against the machine fashion, recommendations are made to distinguished African-American figures who have previously to be targeted through the government, consisting of Martin Luther King Jr. And also Malcolm X. Lyricist and also frontman Zack de la Rocha also goes as far as implying the the federal government was responsible for their assassinations.

The song’s close up door lines referral a martin Luther King Jr. Speech which was yielded on the actions of Montgomery’s State Capitol structure at the end of the renowned Selma come Montgomery March. In his close up door statement, young name Luther King Jr. Declared:

How long? no long, due to the fact that ‘you shall reap what you sow’

This particular statement paraphrases the holy bible verse, “whatever a guy sows, this the will additionally reap” (Galatians 6:7).

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During live performances that the song, de la Rocha has been known to interject statements concerning political and also social worries towards the end of the song, before screaming “WAKE UP!”. In a 2002 concert in Ireland, he questioned the present economic system and also events in Greece:

People acquisition to the streets versus the wealthy class who have been robbing united state all because that years. And in the challenge of all this propaganda ns wanna say, we have actually here to unite… across ethnic present across spiritual differences throughout racial lines and also its currently the lines room clear. That us versus the well-off plain and simple. That time to wake up. Wake UP.