A visit to five Sisters Blues café in Pensacola is precious it for the background lesson alone. Include in the exceptional Southern cuisine, trusted people and vibrant atmosphere, and the restaurant i do not care a must-do on her visit come Pensacola. 

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Five sister Blues cafe is every about good food, good music, and good vibes. This popular Pensacola dining location serves up hearty yet polished Southern cuisine through a heaping side of localhistory and also culture.

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Pensacola was an early hub of numerous musical layouts with the Belmont-DeVilliers neighborhood, in which five Sister Blues coffee shop resides, celebrated for that is decades-long role as an African-American business and also entertainment district. The restaurant boasts a prime ar in the heart of The Blocks, the city’s historical downtown district. As soon as you stroll under its streets, you’re necessary strolling through blues music history. Musicians varying from counting Bassie and also Clarence Carter come B.B. King and Sam Cooke have actually all played here.

Sitting ~ above the previous site of both Gussie’s record Shot and WBOP Radio Station, 5 Sisters occupies specifically meaningful point out in Pensacola history. This do it perfect home for chef Cecil Johnson’s vision of a restaurant the would concurrently honor the timeless cooking the his mother and her sisters and The Blocks’ wealthy blues history. In fact, the website is so meaningful that a Mississippi Blues Trail marker — i m sorry honors locations throughout the state the have added to its Blues’ musical heritage — sit just exterior the prior door.

The dining at 5 Sisters is as exceptional as that is history. The food selection embracing the stick-to-your-ribs comfort food for which Southern cooking is recognized while additionally incorporating Creole and Caribbean influences.

A couple of of our food selection favorites at 5 Sisters included:

Sisters’ SamplerWhy clear up for one appetizer as soon as you can try three? This hearty starter kicks the enjoy the meal off ideal with a flavor-packed mix of fried green tomatoes, mini crabcakes, and Andouille-crusted shrimp.

Aunt Sara’sSouthern Fried ChickenWhile every one of the menu items at 5 Sisters are motivated by old household recipes, this ample-sized part of golden-brownfriedchicken reaches extraordinary levels of crispy and juicy deliciousness. To companion it, select from a lengthy list of southern sides, such together cheese grits,collard greens,pineapple coleslaw and black-eyed peas.

Make that a MealSpeaking of sides, if they’re every speaking come you, we recommend taking advantage of 5 Sisters’ distinctive option to rotate three or 4 sides into a meal.

Aunt Margaret’s Fruit CobblerFruit cobbler is a southerly tradition, and no one go it better than 5 Sisters. The fruit varies by the season come make certain to ask about the smell of the day.

Five Sisters’ Blues long IslandAs close together you’ll obtain to the moonshine that days unable to do by!

In addition to 5 Sisters’extensive menu, make certain to inspect out the blackboard for the daily house specials. Not sure which one come choose? The servers at 5 Sisters space attentive, knowledgeable and ready to overview you to a selectionyou’ll love.

On Sundays, meanwhile, the all around the restaurant’s popular Jazz Brunch, i beg your pardon offerslive music and also enticingmenu items such together Peanut Butter Crunch French Toast and the Smokin’ Blues Brisket Sandwich.

One last point to love about Five Sisters? Happy Hour! running Monday through Saturday in between 3 PM and also 6 PM and also late nights ~ above the weekends.Offers drink specials and discounted appetizers, 5 Sisters is theperfect location to relax and recharge ~ a long day of experimenting Pensacola’s plenty of attractions.

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Insider Tips: – five Sisters maintains a colorful calendar complete of events such as live blues music and Wing Wednesday. To watch what’s keep going whileyou’re in town, inspect out the website, i beg your pardon is frequently updated.– If friend enjoyyour five Sisters experience, considerchecking the end its sisters networkof other in your ar owned and also operated southern Restaurants, consisting of The Fish House, Atlas Oyster House, The Deck Bar, Jackson’s Steakhouse, good Southern Catering & Events, Palafox House and also Angelena’s.– In the mood because that a quieter dinner? Ask to sit on the outdoor patio.