Florida Georgia Line have actually released another brand-new song from their upcoming fourth studio album. The pop-country duo carry a mellow vibe to "Sittin' Pretty," a mid-tempo love song.

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Brian Kelley handles command vocals on "Sittin' Pretty," i m sorry celebrates simply being through a lover and also soaking increase the good-time emotion of being in love.

"We gained all damn day to do it our method / favor an old tires swing in the shade, gained it make in the sweet spot / baby you and me gained a pair free seats on a cloud nine ride / Don't issue if we're sittin' ~ above the porch, in a car, at a bar / Or a boat down to Panama City / Gonna it is in a hell of a watch / I'm just fine lengthy as I'm sittin' next to you sittin' pretty," they song in the chorus. The textures of their harmonies sound really different than usual together Kelley and Tyler ha switch up your customary lead and harmony roles.

"Sittin' Pretty" is the fourth new song fans have heard from FGL's next album. The duo released the lead single, one acoustic-driven track titled "Simple," top top June 1, revealing a more organic direction than plenty of previous efforts. They dropped another brand-new track that same day titled "Colorado," a rowdy country-rock song, and they've let pan hear one more song called "Talk You out of It," a slow, sexy ballad.

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FGL have actually announced the they will certainly release their following album beforehand 2019, however have so much not noted the details for the project.

That's sun's set straight up as it gets / short shorts restin' simply right on her hips / Kiss chillin' on your lips, I'm for sure gonna gain it in a minute / first time i take an additional sip / that Chevrolet sittin' in the driveway is gonna continue to be sittin' / Girl we ain't gettin' anywhere however closer / I recognize you're in the atmosphere / through literally nothin' yet each various other on the to-do list

We gained all cursed day to do it our method / choose an old tire swing in the shade, got it made in the sweet point out / infant you and also me obtained a couple free seats on a cloud ripe ride / Don't issue if we're sittin' ~ above the porch, in a car, in ~ a bar / Or a boat down to Panama City / Gonna it is in a hell that a check out / I'm simply fine long as I'm sittin' alongside you sittin' pretty / yes I'm sittin' quite good

Everything is feeling favor it should, don't think that it might / get any far better but this weather ns wish it would / turn up the heat pair degrees / gain you in that AC / Let under the blinds, call it a day

Yeah, I'm sittin' pretty good / I'm sittin quite / damn / I'm sittin' nice good

Pretty as a peach, together a postcard picture of a West coastline beach / therefore pretty, if I had to bet / This is pretty much as great as that gets