The page-turning emotional thriller native the author of #1 bestsellers The Magpies and Because She Loves Me.

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It was an alleged to it is in the trip of a lifetime, a final adventure prior to settling down. But after ~ a perfect start, an encounter with a young pair on a night train pressures Daniel and Laura to cut their dream pilgrimage short and also flee home.

Back in London, Daniel and also Laura vow never ever to talk around what happened that night. But as they shot to fit right into their old resides again, castle realise they room in damaging danger—and that their nightmare is simply beginning…


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About the Author

Mark Edwards writes emotional thrillers in which scary things happen to plain people and also is inspired by writers such as Stephen King, Ira Levin, Ruth Rendell and also Linwood Barclay.

Mark prospered up top top the south coastline of England and also started creating in his twenties, teaming up v Louise Voss to co-write death Cupid and also Catch your Death, i m sorry topped the UK bestseller graph in 2011.

His solo thrillers, The Magpies and Because She Loves Me were additionally #1 bestsellers in the UK. Like these ahead novels, his 4th solo book, follow You Home, was influenced by a real-life experience, in this case a ‘trip from hell’ roughly Europe.

He lives in the West Midlands, England, v his wife, their 3 children and also a ginger cat.

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He can be contacted via his website,

Editorial Reviews

‘Twisty, turny and also downright creepy in areas Mark Edwards has, however again, produced an unputdownable emotional thriller. That is a master at creating a tangled internet of secrets, lies and red herrings for this reason cleverly built that i was maintained guessing every the way through. Extremely recommended.’ —CL Taylor, author of The Accident

‘Disturbing, engrossing, and makes the moment fly by. As ever, Edwards is a course act.’ —Alex Marwood, writer of The evil Girls

‘Once friend start reading you won’t have the ability to stop…This is my an initial Mark Edwards book but i will now be reading every one.’ —Angela Marsons, author of Silent Scream

‘Keep the lamp on. Every the lights. Every room. I had actually to sleep v a night light when I’d perfect it.’ —Liz Barnsley, Liz Loves Books

‘Full of rise menace, mark Edwards’ distinctive brand of residential noir will make you think twice around talking to strangers as soon as you next go on holiday.’ —Nick Quantrill, author of The Joe Geraghty series

‘Fast-paced and also twisted: it’s an additional Mark Edwards sensation.’ —Clare Mackintosh, writer of I Let friend Go