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I"m a bit puzzled by this film, one of the human being on mine twitter feeding a couple of months back listed that it to be streaming top top hulu and I newly remembered that and also went to watch it. Couldn"t find any kind of information about the creators top top hulu for some reason, confirm ANN and still no much details on it. If I"m analysis this correctly, TMS to chat is the studio the made the movie (which is odd because I feel like I generally see castle attached to jobs as acommitteemember or such, the actual studio within them is called Tokyo Movie anyway) and also I can"t find any US licensor noted with it and also I can"t think of the last time I saw a Japanese studio stream a complete movie top top a US site without it being licensed. Heck, while anime bloggers might not sheathe every film out there this one come out in ~ the past 12 months and I don"t recall see anyone talking about it, very very odd. In any case, wikipedia is additionally telling me the this movie was based upon a publication (which reportedly was by the very same novelist that wrote the Gosickseries, had actually no idea the the author was a lady) which in turn was based upon the Hakkenden i beg your pardon plays a rather big role in the movie however that"s where the movie it s okay a bit, odd.Fuse: Memoirs a Huntress(Fuse Teppō Musume no Torimonochō)

Summary:Hamaji was raised as a hunter by she grandfather and has continued to live that life in the mountains after his death. A little lonely she jumps in ~ the chance when her brother invites she to come and also live v him in Edo and also ends up being drawn into the hunt for half human fifty percent wolf (fuse, pronounced, fu-seh) creatures while trying to figure out what she need to do next with her life.The Good:No issue how many times i come across the setup I love seeing stories set in old-world Edo, there"s just something cool around it. And also on one amusing keep in mind I think I"m beginning to identify some that the locations, this movie had actually a climatic fight step at what I think was the same ar that Katanagatarihad it"s final fight which fairly amused me. In any type of case, it was interesting to come throughout the Hakkenden again yet I perform wonder if there is a straight adaption of that anywhere, ns feel strange seeingadaptationsbefore I check out the genuine thing.The Bad:There were numerous moments in the film wherein a character says something passionatelyand I assumed "Oh, that"s supposed to actually make me feel something yet it just, doesn"t" which was my key feeling about the movie by the end. In some ways it feeling under-developed, I"m not sure specifically what sort of character arc Hajami was supposed to have actually (accepting she feminity maybe? other than A that"s a disastrous arc since stereotypical sex roles and also B It"s not choose she had any type of problems through that to start with) however I don"t really think it to be there. The pacing also felt a little odd, this movie simply took a if to get where it to be going plot-wise and also if it had spent that time developing characters andrelationshipsor just showing off some really pretty art ns would have actually been okay through that and also said that just had a slow moving environment or such. Yet right here it felt like the story simply didn"t understand what to do with itself or that they were really having actually to large the resource material to do it movie length. And finally, the Hakkenden; I"m acquainted with the premise of it so as soon as the movie started I went "ah, this is one more interpretation the it, gotcha" and also then it got, odd. Since this isn"t a spoiler, we carry out in truth have 8 fuse siblings prefer the characters in the original story running down and also being hunted in Edo but we likewise have a male who is writing the Hakkenden and a play the is adapting the story for your play, however it"s implied that the play isn"t specifically like the books (and the they aren"t the an initial to execute it). Lock neverexplicitlystate what the backstory because that the fuse are but I thought I was an alleged to take the play together what yes, really happened and now I"m even much more confused, how did the author either create the exact same story or know of it?! In the finish this is just a information to the story, the doesn"t transform the plot or the characters yet it"s therefore odd the it simply bothers me and also I wonder if something necessary was lost in the adaptation (of this publication to this movie, and also this publication was claimed to be anadaptationof the Hakkenden, ladies and also gentlemen I believe we have accomplished inception at this point).The manufacturing Values:I feel spoiled, after see so plenty of lovely looking films in the past year this one just looked flat. Literally, whatever felt oh so slightly minimalist and while ns wouldn"t confused the movie because that a tv display for a minute (the colorpalettesare too different, I rarely see anything utilizing such subdued, practically pastel color on tv) it to be awkward as soon as the movie would have a slow, love pan throughout a landscape and also all I might think to be "eh, watched prettier". No one of the activity really stood the end to me either yet after thinking about it i realized that the movie doesn"t actually have that many activity scenes in the which is why. Still, in the end the art style just wasn"t because that me return I"m certain that some people will reap it quite a bit, the voice acting seemed pretty an excellent throughout as did the music therefore it"s certainly well produced, just not as "artsy" together I would have actually liked at times.

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In the finish I to be disappointed v this film doing, well, really nothing through the end (a couple of things have readjusted situation wise yet the character with arguably the most advancement is a side one) therefore I"m offering it just 2.5 the end of 5 stars. If you want to see it and you"re in the united state then head on over to hulu and NISA has actually licensed it as well.