After completing turtle Rock, it is currently time to take it on Ganon’s Tower. Just walk to the left 2 screens, beating or staying clear of the opponent Lynels along the way. Ganon’s Tower is located in the Dark World, matching to ar of the Tower of Hera in the irradiate World.

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Walk approximately the tower and also the 7 maidens will break the seal come the tower, revealing a staircase and allowing Link to enter the last dungeon.



13.2 Ganon"s Tower

Progress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces
New in this sectionItems:Dungeon Map, big Key, Red MailLocations:Ganon’s Tower

During this very first portion the Ganon’s Tower, there room two distinctive routes that link can take, both which finish up at the very same location. Connect can travel down the procedures at the top-left or the top-right the this room, yet only demands to take it 1 that the 2 paths. This overview will cover the much easier of the two, so take it the staircase at the top-left of the room.


There is a an essential on height of among the torches in this room, however it isn’t actually needed. Simply ignore it and also head left a screen. Lift the pot in ~ the southeast corner of the room to uncover a tiny key.

There are four moles in this room that connect can hammer. Hit two of them so that you have the right to push the main block, resulting in the door to open. Head onward to the left a screen.

Pull out the Hookshot and also use that to reach the communication in the facility of the room, and then once again to reach the southwest platform, and then come the east platform. Usage the Hookshot again to reach the larger platform in ~ the south end of the room.

The locked door come the right simply leads to the Dungeon Map, so you have the right to ignore it. Hit the crystal switch to reduced the blue blocks. Usage the Cane that Somaria to ar a red block right alongside the decision switch. Then walk to the south end of the room and also use the cane a second time, leading to the block to burst, hitting the decision switch and raising the blue blocks. Proceed down come the next room.

There is a small key at the southeast component of this room, therefore grab it if you require one. Use the Cane of Somaria to place a block under to the left the the crystal switch. To walk to either the northeast or southeast part of the room and use the cane again, causing the blue block to lower. Use the small crucial and head v to the next room.

Hit the decision switch and also then closely make your means over to the warp portal ~ above the right side of the room. Carefully walk through this room and also you’ll discover a lone block top top the left side. Push it come the left, bring about a treasure chest to appear on the various other side the the gap. Hookshot throughout and open up it to get a tiny key. Usage the an essential to head through the surrounding locked door.

There are a collection of warp tiles in this room and each time you’ll have actually a few options regarding which one you desire to action on. Indigenous the entrance of this room, action on the tiles in the following order.

-Step ~ above the warp tile to the right.-Step on the warp tile at the bottom-left.-Step ~ above the warp brick at the bottom-left that the room.

Then walk to the northeast edge of the room and step ~ above the warp tile. Action onto the surrounding warp tile and also then ago your method east a screen.

Here friend will find yourself in a huge open room. NOTE: If from the dungeon entrance your originally went down the staircase come the top-right, you would have finished up start this room native the right. Do your means to the height of the room and you’ll uncover two skull pots. Only lift the height of the 2 pots.

Now make your way to the top of the screen, yet don’t go v the door. Look to the right and you’ll uncover a torch. Usage the fire stick to light the torch and a pathway will be illuminated. You deserve to then usage the hookshot on the skull pot below to conveniently reach the pathway. Conveniently maneuver v the room before the torch walk out. If the torch does walk out, girlfriend can always use the Ether Medallion to temporarily view the pathway. When you with the end of the pathway, head up v the doorway.

Lift the pot in ~ the southeast component of the room and also open the sweetheart chest to acquire some arrows. Location a bomb ~ above the cracked floor come blow open up a hole in the ground and then drop down to the floor below.

Here you will certainly fight the Armos Knights as soon as again, however this time the ground floor is solid ice, making it slippery come maneuver around. If you have the silver- Arrows, a single shot will certainly defeat each of the knights. After defeating them, head up with the door that opens.

Open the treasure chests below to gain some bombs, arrows, and also the big Key. Walk down and to the left a screen. You deserve to dash into or blowup the northern wall surface to find a fairy fountain, but then head increase the actions to with the higher floor.

Push the block out of the method and open up the sweetheart chest to acquire the Red Mail, i beg your pardon will reduced the lot of damage that attach takes. Go up with the door to get back to an previously room and also then climb the procedures to get back to close to the dungeon entrance.

With the big crucial in hand, rise the steps and also head as much as the floor above. Use the hookshot or an item to fight the decision switch and make your way through this room. Press the block in ~ the top-left portion of the room to open the door and then head down a screen.

In this room you will have to use arrows to defeat the two goriyas. The tongue traps could get in your way so if it helps, you have the right to push the rock statue to block them off. Shooting both goriyas through arrows and head v the door that opens up.

Defeat two much more goriyas and also then proceed up 2 screens. Climb down the steps and also head up wherein there space two surprise eyegores. Hit the decision switch and also then defeat the enemies. Elevator the pot to find a floor switch, i beg your pardon will open the door. Backtrack come the top part of the room and also head ideal a screen.

In this room you have the right to use the Magic Cape come safely to walk by, or just very closely dodge the cannon balls that room shot your way. At the best side of this room there is a secret room past the cracked wall. In stimulate to make it across, connect must stand straight south that the 2 blocks ~ above the right, dealing with upward. Use the pegasus boots come dash right into the blocks, sending connect flying across the gap. Place a bomb come blowup the wall, revealing a fairy fountain. Hookshot back throughout the gap and head up the stairs.

Defeat the four opponents in this room and then continue onward. Using bombos is a good way to defeat them without taking any damage. In the next room there space three an ext enemies, for this reason take care of them as well and continue come the next room.

Three an ext enemies, together with a pair that beamos. Defeat them and head down v to the following room. This time over there is part ice, however just defeat the two enemies and continue to the next room. Loss the adversaries here and also head left a screen. Proceed left an additional screen and also you’ll challenge some acquainted foes in the kind of Lanmolas.

The Lanmolas fight is simply as it to be a lengthy time ago, other than there is now a frostbite in the room also that will shot fireballs in ~ you. If you have the golden sword, 2 sword slashes will certainly defeat every of the enemies. Alternatively, a solitary silver arrowhead will loss them. Walk increase a screen and then as much as the next floor.

There space three wizzrobes in this room, as well as an invisible pathway. Once the wizzrobes appear, use the ether medallion to loss them all at once, and also to in the interim illuminate the path. Closely walk southern through the door.

Run v this room and head up follow me the best side. Over there are more wizzrobes here and also the finest bet is to when again use the ether medallion. Use the pegasus boots and dash as much as the peak of the room prior to heading eastern a screen.

The an initial thing to execute in this room is come walk around and lift all the skull pots so they aren’t in her way, and so the you can likewise collect part magic. You’ll need to light all four of the torches in this room and then easily run to the door at the south end of the room. I would suggest beginning with the peak one and then relocating clockwise around the room. Friend can get it done with the lamp, but the fire rod walk it make it much easier.

In the following room be sure to lift the pot in ~ the top-right to to fill up her magic and also then carefully climb the steps. Top top the higher floor you’ll have to light the torches in the four corners the the room. I would indicate using the lamp to first light the bottom-right and then the bottom-left torches. Then circle earlier to the facility of the room and also use the fire rod to irradiate the final two. You have to do this easily as the floor will certainly collapse after ~ a duration of time. V all 4 torches lit, head up v the door.

Defeat the two enemies here and one the them will certainly drop a small key. You have the right to open the sweetheart chests here if needed to replenish her bombs and also arrows. There is a crack versus the southern wall and you’ll should bomb it, while avoid the blade traps. A well timed litter will cause the bomb to move along the relocating platform and also blow open up the wall.

Hit the decision switches to reach the endowment chest in the facility of the room which consists of a little key. Usage the vital on the locked door and continue onward.

Jump off the ledge and also battle with Moldorm as soon as again. If you have actually the golden sword, the will only take 2 sword slashes to defeat the enemy. Similar to before though, you deserve to be knocked door to the reduced level. If the happens just climb the steps at the top-right of the room and also repeat the process. Through Moldorm defeated, usage the hookshot to reach the treasure chest at the south end of the room. Push the blocks out of the means and head left a screen.

This room has moving platforms, tongue traps, and also bumpers. Your finest bet is to use the magic cape and quickly run v it. At the height of the room rise the measures to reach the higher floor. Walk left and also head through the locked door to take it on the boss, Aghanim.

The battle with Aghanim is practically identical come the very first fight. The only various is that Aghanim will separation into three. However, the darker of the three shadows indicates which is the actual Aghanim. Similar to before you must repel the blue orb ago towards Aghanim to damage him.

While the other two forms of Aghanim space fake, you deserve to hit your blue orbs in the direction of Aghanim to harm him together well. Similar to before, the real Aghanim will occasionally move to the top-center of the room and also aim downward, indicating he is about to shoot lightening.

After just 5 hits, Aghanim will be defeated and also Ganon will certainly appear. Link will then usage his bird and also will be taken to the Pyramid of Power whereby a big hole will be created.

13.3 final Battle

Progress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces
New in this sectionCharacters:GanonEnemies:Ganon, Blazing BatItems:Triforce

Before acquisition on the final battle, connect should have full hearts and also full magic. Friend should also acquire both the gold sword and silver arrows to do the battle considerably easier. It’s additionally a great idea come fill your bottles up v blue potion, or at the very least a couple of fairies. Once you are all set to go, fall down into the Pyramid to take on Ganon.

Immediately when you loss down the hole, strike Ganon with a sword slash before he starts to talk. Throughout the early component of the battle Ganon will swing his trident around and also then toss that to various other parts that the room. He’ll climate teleport and catch the trident, repeating the process. Throughout this process just try to get sufficient sword slashes in while preventing the Trident.

After attach has struggle Ganon enough times, Ganon will start to summon Blazing Bats and will send them flying out towards Link. In between assaults keep trying to sneak in sword slashes. Repeat this procedure a variety of times till Ganon has actually moved top top the next phase.

Ganon will eventually start to summon a blazing bat immediately, sending it in a straight line towards Link. ~ Ganon teleports around the room, shot to obtain an initial cut in v your sword. Hitting him prior to he summons a blazing bat will cause him come leap right into the air and pound the ground. This will cause the top part of the room to collapse. Repeat this process four times, and after four efficiently hits, Ganon will have actually turned the battlefield right into an island.

Right after the 4th hit, Ganon will reason the two torches to walk out. Throughout the remainder of the battle Link will have to use the lamp or fire pole to irradiate up the two torches in order to see Ganon. NOTE: after ~ Ganon has actually stomped ~ above the ground because that the fourth time, the bottom-left torch will certainly go out first. If link is quick enough and re-lights the bottom-left torch prior to the bottom-right torch walk out, this will reason the bottom-right torch to stay lit because that the remainder that the battle. This renders is substantially easier as connect will only must light a solitary torch.

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During this final phase the the battle, attach will an initial need to light the two torches. With the torches lit, connect will have the ability to deliver a sword slash to Ganon, leading to him to rotate blue. Pull the end your silver- arrows and also shoot Ganon. Repeat this process until you have hit Ganon four times and also he has been defeated.