Description:Simply converted mod pack from GeDoSaTo come IGP11 because that Scholar of very first Sin.If you choose these mods, please Endorse the original authors.A big thanks to Ring127 for the skies boxes conversion!Installation:1. Download iGP 11 and make certain you have acomplished to include this mode first.2. Here's a fast tutorial, it's for DS3 yet it's nearly the same.3. Download record that you need.4. Placed the content inside of your \DARK SOULS II - Scholar the the first Sin\Game\tex_override folder or one of two people folder you chose at iGP11.5. Start iGP 11 together admin, then select the override setting (the icon surely will move itself to your surprise icons in your home windows bar).Original mode pages (readme, screenshots, credits, etc):

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Alva Reborn by EvilDeadAsh34 Royal upstream Knight collection by EvilDeadAsh34Artorias Set by Rizaun + Artorias devices Icons by SanadskScorpion by cerberus071984Vibrant Alonne Armour by Marcus Kirk (Alonne's Helm Retex)Repaired Insolent Armor by EvilDeadAsh34Ornate Robes the Judgement by SonofRobinUltimate article Set by EvilDeadAsh34 Shadow top Scarf Variations by Krump0Velexia's black color is the brand-new Yellow by VelexiaAlonne Captain and also Knight set recolors black Steel silver or Gold by mohonayRestored Alonne article Set by SanadskRust Alonne Set by ToadRVibrant Alonne Armour by Camo_NinjaAMS001- black Dragon Armor I by darkraven danickAMS002- black Dragon Armor II by darkraven danickBloodstained Drake - DLC Drakeblood armor by Marcus KirkDrakeblood armor Recolor by TalaricoanWhiteDrake _ GreenDrake - DLC Drakeblood by Marcus KirkBlack Havel Set by MochikunDS Mossy Havel Armor resp STONED or BLACK by MelekTausArtorias plague and Crimson Heide Set by Marcus Kirk Copper an excellent Helm by Jake SaltDark Crusader Heide Armor by cuchacooDeath Jolly by cerberus071984The Jester Skellington (Skeletron) collection - The Nightmare before Christmas by vj88Mad Predators Warrior set (Mad Warrior) by vj88Mad Predators Mask (Mad Warrior) by vj88Predator Mask because that Mad warrior by ronin4444Manikin Chatterer Cenobite Mask through Rizaun Ebony Manikin Mask by cerberus071984Pre-release motivated porcelain mask through ZomerakWAS's silver- Mannequin Mask by WASasquatchWhite Worn Manikin Mask by cerberus071984 Drangleic mercenary by NotoroBlack Witch collection (Green and Bluish Teal Recolors) by Byzantine SinAMS004 - Dusk Faraam Set by darkraven silversmithFaraam Armor set Recolor by MagnanimousmuddUltimate Faraam Set by EvilDeadAsh34Vanilla Faraam set Without Fur by IskonfektBlack Fume Sorcerer by Hellsing4682Fume hollow Mask by EvilDeadAsh34Fume Manikin Mask by EvilDeadAsh34Shattered Porcelain Fume Sorcerer Mask by Hellsing4682The True ivory King by SanadskLeydia White Robes Recolored by SonofRobinArmored Llewellyn armor by NotoroBattle heated Raime Fume Set by BonusJZRaime armor by Notoro Silver restored Raime set by Jake SaltCorrupt Saints Set by EvilDeadAsh34 Saints set - Kurosaki Ichigo Bankai type 2 Recolor by EvilDeadAsh34Steel Syan knight by Notoro New in v1.3:Agony-Skin-Set through cerberus071984Darkseeker collection by cerberus071984Medicus abyssalis through cerberus071984Red Death set v1.1 through cerberus071984 Red rust article by NotoroRoman Legionary by NathieSk Sandor Clegane The Hound armor through RizaunScar Vengarl Armor Winter is coming by Marcus KirkTHE black KNIGHT by cerberus071984Totentanz collection by cerberus071984 Victorian Beasthunter through cerberus071984 Old layout Manikin Mask because that Dragon Acolyte Mask through AnonymousBastardDrakeblood Armor modify - Fluted Armor by ShedrakzoHexers Hood Re-colour through AoEclipseVelexia's Cool human being Wear Black and also Red and also Don't afraid of anything by Velexia Royal Soldier Hexer's Hood by Drusklo Vengarls Helm Desaturated by kidikarus 

SHD003_Ebony Blossom kite Shield through darkraven SilversmithSHD004- Ebony Drangleic Shield through darkraven SilversmithSHD001- Ebony hollow Soldier Shield through darkraven Silversmith Large animal leather Shield Retexture by FaLKReN (Metal Dark animal leather Shield)Elite royal Kite Shield by EvilDeadAsh34 Silver Knight imperial Kite Shield by zorrodoodSmall leather Shield Retex - Brown and Grey through Spr1t3 Dore's Shields (Watchdragon Shield) through PlucheRuin Sentinel Shield (Old Knight's Shield) by Jake Salt New in v1.3:Defender Shield by LPDragonrider Greatshield Retexture through Dragonyck Dragonrider Greatshield Turtle shell Retexture by LandoEbony Drakekeepers Greatshield by HesterDW Lordaeron respect Guard's Greatshield by Themurloc Grym Greatshield Texture deal with by ObsidianStagKing's shield retex through Syan's pattern by Themurloc King's shield Retexture by toommaattooLarge leather Shield indigenous DS1 shields packDeath Cherubs Manikin Shield through Cerberus071984 Darkseeker's heavy gear by cerberus071984 (Pate's Greatshield)Dore's Shields by Pluche (Pate's Shield) Royal kite Shield from DS1 shields pack (in 2 versions)Darkseeker's Shield by cerberus071984 Sunlight Parma Retex by ToadRUltimate sunlight Parma by EvilDeadAsh34 Target Shield indigenous DS1 shields packTarget Shield Retex through JohnnyCrash Eagle Shield Reborn by Zel

New in v1.3:Blue lightning through Lashk (+ Red version)Aesthetically Viable Ranged Combat by Nicklaus725Quiver structure Correction by michelangeloczHarvest sink Skybox Remix by EvilDeadAsh34 (converted by Ring127)Heide's Tower of fire Skybox Remix by EvilDeadAsh34 (converted by Ring127)Huntsman's Copse Skybox Remix by EvilDeadAsh34 (converted by Ring127)Sunlight tongue DaS1 inspired impact by Themurloc (+ Blue and also Red versions)Tabby Shalquoir HD through ToadR 

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Berserker Blade by EvilDeadAsh34Black Knight-Pursuer's ultra greatsword by ThemurlocBlack Knight-Pursuer's ultra greatsword EDITED by seb5421Blue Moon Greatsword Recolors by EvilDeadAsh34Elite Bastard knife by EvilDeadAsh34 Elite Broadsword by EvilDeadAsh34 Elite Claymore by EvilDeadAsh34Elite Zweihander by EvilDeadAsh34Elite Longsword by EvilDeadAsh34Elite short Sword by EvilDeadAsh34Crested Estoc by cerberus071984 Dragonslayer and also Refinished Greatswords by EvilDeadAsh34Darkseeker's Blade by cerberus071984Ultimate Heide Knight sword by EvilDeadAsh34 Dragon Uchigatana by EvilDeadAsh34 Puzzling laser Sword by EvilDeadAsh34Yorg's Spear by xnapalmus Ruin Sentinel Hammer (Archdrake Mace) by Jake Salt Majestic Greatsword of Artorias by EvilDeadAsh34 Ultimate Greatsword of Artorias - DS2 Edition by EvilDeadAsh34 Ultimate sunlight Sword by EvilDeadAsh34 WEP001- Majestic Abyssal Greatsword by darkraven SilversmithWEP003- black color Dragon Halberd by darkraven SilversmithWEP007- imperial DragonSlayer Spear by darkraven SilversmithWEP009- Caesar Caestus by darkraven SilversmithWEP010- royal Manikin Knife by darkraven SilversmithWEP011- Dragon Bone Fist by darkraven SilversmithWEP015- Blizzard Rapier by darkraven silversmithBlacksteel Katana by EvilDeadAsh34 WEP008- Celestal Blue Flame by darkraven SilversmithInfernal Nil Greatsword 1.1 by cerberus071984Cryptkeeper Sword by Jake Salt Drakekeepersword brand-new Version by GreggstarBloodspike cool Lance by cerberus071984 Manslayer by EvilDeadAsh34 Magnificent Murakumo by LP Murakumo Retex by toommaattoo WEP016 - Blaze own Armor Sword by darkraven silversmithdarkseeker's heavy gear by cerberus071984 (Red steel TwinBlade only)WEP002- Dark Knight's Red stole Twinblade by darkraven SilversmithWEP012- Rune Red Rust Swords by Darkraven Silversmith Misericordia by cerberus071984WEP006- Blaze Smelter Sword by darkraven Silversmith New in v1.3:WEP006X- age Blaze Smelter sword by Darkraven SilversmithDarker Bow of desire by cerberus071984Butcher's Knife through EvilDeadAsh34 Deaths Head and enhanced Defender Greatsword by EvilDeadAsh34Gold Crested Dragonrider Twinblade through cerberus071984Battle heated Fume Ultra Greatsword by BonusJZ Blue Fume greatsword through ShadeclazWidow's Silk - custom Spider's Silk texture by Xvacta