The 2Pac USB stick Miner for SHA256 based Crypotcoins choose Bitcoin, Namecoin, DEM and others it is provided an mean hash price of 11-15 GH/s and also can it is in safely raised up to 25 GH/s when clock rate and voltage will certainly be adjusted. The theoretical max. Hash rate is ~ 33 GH/s.

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This Miner is equipped v two highly power efficient AntMiner BM1384 ASIC (same chip together on Bitmain’s AntMiner S5).

It enumerates in CGMiner software application as one COMPAC-2 which offers command-line frequency regulate for both ASICs to change the hash rate. Additionally the miner is equipped with a completely adjustable voltage regulator that enables a main point voltage variety of 1.26V to 1.5V without requiring “pencil modding” or soldering skills.

The average power usage is 0.3W/GH which renders this maker currently the most an effective Bitcoin Stickminer top top the market.

The Miner will certainly be delivered with a high quality aluminium heat sink an installed which provides a low thermal resistance and supports herbal convection also as energetic cooling. As soon as overclocked and/or voltage regulated (more than 100 MHz) we highly recommend active cooling.

The power intake depends top top the clock rate and also the set core voltage and varies from 2 W to ~14 W. Usage of an active USB hub is extremely recommended come avoid damage on standard USB ports.

This Miner is manufactured and also assembled by because that the EU market.

Software and also hardware requirements:

Host-PC v Windows x86 (32-bit or 64bit), Linux (x86 or ARM) or Mac OSX.Please note: An active USB hub with adequate power supply is very recommended (such together Anker 9-Port, Asicminer 49-Port, Orico 10-Port).Please note: due to the big heat sink the overall height of the maker is 15mm. This may reason difficulties using all USB ports of an active USB hub.

This product contains:

USB-Stick Miner GekkoScience 2Pac 5,5 bis 25 GH/s (33 GH/s max.) - bitshopper execution 1 piece


ASIC chip type: BM1384

Hashrate: Hash rate up to 25 GH/s (when overclocked and voltage regulated). Active cooling is very recommended.

Mining mode: Mines on any kind of pool

Power consumption: 2 to 14 W every USB port. An active USB hub is highly recommended.

Product dimensions: 9,9 x6,9x 2cm

Net weight: 0,8 kg

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