Ghost that Tsushima has a release date for playstation 4. V the release collection for the summer, we desire to assist you choose the right version of the game for your interest level and budget.

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It took number of years, yet Sony and developer Sucker beat have ultimately spilled the beans. Ghost the Tsushima, a new single-player PS4 exclusive, is coming in 2020.

Assuming that doesn’t obtain delayed again, Ghost of Tsushima will arrive July 17th. The game was initially collection to beginning on June 26th, yet its been delayed a few weeks.

Now the the game has a relax date, retailers are taking pre-orders for numerous versions of the game. Ghost that Tsushima at this time comes in four editions: beginning Edition, Digital Deluxe, Special, and an expensive Collector’s Edition.

Each execution comes v a different set of bonuses and each has a various price tag. With that in mind, we desire to take it you v each of execution and assist you decide which is the right one to buy.

Ghost that Tsushima start Edition

The traditional edition is the no-frills version of the game. Because that $59.99 you acquire a copy of the game and also a few pre-order bonuses.


If girlfriend pre-order any kind of edition that the game, consisting of the start Edition, you get a Jin avatar (Jin Sakai is the game’s protagonist), a digital mini soundtrack featuring pick songs indigenous the game, and a Jin PS4 dynamic theme based upon our crate art.

The traditional edition is $59.99, but you might be able to find it for a little bit less ahead the the game’s release date. Retailers like NewEgg occasionally offer deals the knock $5-10 off so it is in on the lookout because that deals as we press through the spring.

The Launch version is the cheapest and safest choice and it’s the one a majority of human being should pre-order, specifically those that don’t have a ton the time to play gamings and/or aren’t sure just how much time they have the right to invest in a single-player, stealth/action-adventure game.

You can buy the Launch execution via Amazon, finest Buy and also GameStop.

Ghost of Tsushima Digital luxurious Edition

For those who want to walk digital, there’s the Digital deluxe Edition i m sorry comes with a copy of the game and also some extr bonuses at an included cost.


The Ghost that Tsushima Digital deluxe Edition retails for $69.99 and for $10 more you get the Hero of Tsushima skin collection which provides an additional in-game horse, saddle, mask, sword, and armor collection for Jin. On optimal of that, you acquire two extr in-game items: the Charm the Hachiman’s Favor and one method point. These are all unlocked via story progression.

You’ll likewise get a digital mini art publication by Dark Horse and also Director’s Commentary.

So who have to spend the extra $10 on the Digital deluxe Edition?

Those who desire to customize Jin.Those who want an in-game boost.Collectors.

You have the right to buy the Digital deluxe Edition via the playstation Store.

Ghost of Tsushima one-of-a-kind Edition

If girlfriend don’t mind buying a physical variation of the game, there’s the special Edition which has the same $69.99 price as the Digital deluxe version.


The unique Edition has the Hero that Tsushima mask and also sword skin, the Charm of Hachiman’s Favor, one method point, the Director’s Commentary, and also the digital mini art book.

It likewise features a SteelBook case, something friend obviously won’t acquire with a digital version of the game.

So who need to buy the one-of-a-kind Edition?

Those who desire to customize Jin.Those who want an in-game boost.Collectors.

You have the right to buy the one-of-a-kind Edition at Amazon, ideal Buy and GameStop.

Ghost that Tsushima Collector’s Edition

There’s additionally a Ghost of Tsushima Collector’s edition that’s aimed at the biggest collectors and also biggest pan of the game.


The Collector’s Edition needs a huge investment, $169.99, but it comes with a bunch of items girlfriend won’t acquire with the other versions. Here’s the full rundown:

GameSakai Mask through StandCloth MapSashimono (War Banner)Furoshiki (Wrapping Cloth)SteelBook Case48-page Mini Art book by Dark Horse1 an approach PointCharm the Hachiman’s FavorHero that Tsushima Skin Set: golden Mask, human body Armor, knife Kit, Horse, SaddleDirector’s CommentaryGhost the Tsushima Samurai Theme

Given the price, most human being are better off skipping this edition and going with one of the cheaper bundles.

You have the right to buy the Collector’s Edition, while supplies last, v Amazon, ideal Buy and also GameStop.

Digital vs. Physical

You have the right to buy a physics or digital variation of the game. Right here are a couple of things to consider before you select one or the other.

If you’re worn down of discs cluttering up your house, go v the digital version. You’ll additionally want come buy a digital variation of the game if discs often go lacking or get damaged at your house.

If girlfriend play a lot of various games and also don’t want to pull the end the game disc every time you want to play, walk digital. It’s extremely convenient.

And finally, if you want to play the game ASAP, purchase a digital copy. Girlfriend should have the ability to pre-load the game ahead of its relax date and also get started as soon as the clock strikes Midnight eastern on July 17th.


In this open-world action adventure, you"ll roam substantial countrysides and also expansive terrain come encounter wealthy characters, discover ancient landmarks, and uncover the concealed beauty of Tsushima.The climb of the Ghost: In his pursuit to reclaim Tsushima, Jin need to seek assistance from old friends and brand-new unlikely allies.Challenge opponents with her katana because that an role playing game samurai combat experience, grasp the bow come eliminate distant threats, and also develop stealth tactics to disorient and ambush adversaries with surprised attacks.
Pre-Order because that These Bonuses

If friend pre-order a copy the Cyberpunk 2077, you"ll obtain some pretty bonuses with your order.

Everyone who pre-orders a copy of the game will acquire a arsenal of physical and digital items. Here"s what you have the right to expect if girlfriend buy a copy prior to the game"s release date in December:

Physical Items instance with game discs people Compendium detailing the game"s setting and lore Postcards native Night City Map of Night City StickersDigital Items video game soundtrack arts booklet featuring a choice of art from the game Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebook Wallpapers for desktop and mobileThere are additionally some distinctive pre-order bonuses with retailers like Google, GameStop, and GOG.

If friend pre-order v GameStop you get a Samurai Medallion. The retailer states this offer is only available toPowerUp Rewards Members.

If friend pre-order with GOG you obtain an exclusive digital video game booklet, extr wallpapers and also avatars, publish quality posters, and 30% off main Cyberpunk 2077 merch store.

If girlfriend buy the game for Google"s Stadia, you"ll get a Stadia Premiere kit ($100) because that free. The transaction lasts until December 17th though it"s only accessible until supplies last.

The Stadia Premiere kit contains a Chromecast Ultra, a white Stadia controller, and a one-month trial because that Stadia agree if you don"t have it already.

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If you pre-order the video game via steam you"ll gain a brief story composed by the developer"s Story Lead, Tomasz Marchewka referred to as 2AM — She Calls.