Last week, Ubisoft announced they were planning another major update because that Tom Clancy"s Ghost Recon Wildlands in the kind of Special procedure 3. While details to be a little scarce, us did know there would be a brand-new PvE Mission, two an ext PvP Classes, two new maps, photo Mode, and a range of brand-new customisation items. This week, the update has arrived and players will certainly be revisiting the past with a crossover mission v Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

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In operation Silent Spade, Scott Mitchell has recruited the help of Nomad and his team because that a joint investigation with the youngest Ghost ever before to join their ranks, john Kozak. Together they must uncover out just how the Santa Blanca cartel is tied come the risk of a atom attack. The mission deserve to be play in single-player or with up to 3 friends in co-op. When players complete the mission, they"ll it is in rewarded v the Optical Camo Backpack, a prototype of the cloaking device that increases players" stealth ability.The update likewise includes two brand-new PvP classes because that Ghost battle mode, motivated by Future Soldier. The first, Vanguard, is an assault character equipped with the L85A2 and SR3M. He has Sensor Grenades that have the right to be offered to highlight all enemies in a tiny area, also those behind heavy objects. The second is Sharpshooter, a Marksman equipped v the M40A5 and also SRSA-1. His Long range Specialist capacity charges if he"s aiming, and also once it"s fully charged, the following shot that takes won"t experience from the results of cartridge drop and also sway. The 2 classes are obtainable exclusively come Year 2 pass holders until December 18th, as soon as they will then become obtainable for every players.

The an initial of the two new PvP maps is Lithium Mine. Collection in phibìc Bolivia at the western edge of Koani, the map features plenty of open spaces because that the Marksman classes and also tightly pack warehouses that cater much more to close quarters combat classes. The second map is Outskirts, the leaf of a Santa Blanca compound located near the La Cruz refugee camp. The base provides plenty of near quarters methods with tall buildings to fit Marksmen. Meanwhile, the forest gives many of chance for hold squads come outflank their enemies.
Lithium Mine
There space plenty the cosmetic enhancements too. Year 2 happen holders obtain a complimentary "Infantry Pack" that contains an ACU Shirt, Mayflower APC, and also Covered ACH. Outside of the Year 2 Pass, there"s a Future Soldier-inspired "Silent Spade Pack" that includes a F2000, reconnaissance Vest, CBRN half Mask, and also Scott Mitchell face Paint the is now available for purchase. End 90 new items have actually been included to battle Crates, including new icons for john Kozak and Scott Mitchell, and also there will also be free items because that players come earn v PvE Challenges and Ubisoft society rewards. Finally, parachute wings have the right to be customised with among 12 brand-new options. One of these is earned by completing procedure Silent Spade, one is earned v a Challenge, and also a third is obtainable through the Ubisoft Club. The remaining nine can be discovered in Battle and also Prestige Crates.The ubiquitous Photo setting is the final major addition in this update. Players can manipulate a range of filters and also other optons to create the perfect photo. Ubisoft has provided more info on the mode here/.

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Ghost War

Class Balancing

SR-635 magazine has actually been decreased to 20 roundsAssassinMovement speed enhanced by 15%Vector muzzle velocity punish removed once using a suppressorEnforcerMK48 rifle damage increased slightlyMK48 rife recoil decreased slightlyTechIncreased duration of Tech’s Jammer capacity from 15 seconds to 25 secondsSurgeonReduced cooldown of capability from 60 seconds to 40 secondsWounded allies will certainly now have their icons highlighted with a yellow/gold hueIncreased the number of Stim darts brought from 5 to 6Stim Darts now heal bleeding impacts from the Hollow point perkStim Darts currently heal 60 HP (previously: 40 HP)GuerillaGuerilla smoke currently hides all markers in ~ it indigenous the opponent (including objective markers)EchelonThe Echelon Sonar capacity now offers a an alert to players as soon as they’re gift detectedGeneral Weapon ChangesThe MP5 now behaves the same throughout all classesThe MPX now behaves the same across all classesThe SR-635 now has actually reduced damage from 55 to 40

PvP Events

Events are gameplay modifiers used to every Quickplay matches if the occasion is active. You will have actually two main to poll for your wanted event, after i m sorry the many voted upon i do not care live and lasts for 60 hours. New Events will occur every 2 weeks.Starting through the relax of the update, there will certainly be a brand-new tab in the Ghost war lobby whereby you deserve to vote because that the an initial event.You will get 200 reputation Credits because that voting and 50 prestige Credits every win.For an ext information ~ above PvP Events, examine out our committed article here.

Updated call Economy

We will certainly be introducing a rework the the Prestige economic climate in Special operation 3. The following updates are coming:All store fight Crate items will have a opportunity to drop in prestige CratesImproved odds for Legendary and also Epic item dropsIncreased duplicate compensationIncreased reputation rewards for completing Challenges

Bug Fixes and Improvements

PvE / general Fixes

Fixed an worry where there to be a delay in spawning enemies when getting to an area also fastFixed an problem in PvE wherein the SAM Launcher lock-sound deserve to be heard after the mission fail screenFixed an problem where ~ the Civilian Casualties screen, the player can afterward kill an infinite number of civilians/rebels in that sessionFixed several instances where using Iron Sights would reason the camera come clip through the playerFixed an problem where the inside of the player"s head would appear while aiming and also failing a missionFixed an worry where the wrong netherlands patch was used in the gameClarified Prestige associated texts in the Tier One indict to settle misunderstandingsOperation Watchman / procedure Archangel
Fixed an audio worry where audio and also subtitles would certainly be lacking while top top Sam Fisher and Caveira"s cinematic dialogues if the AI Teammates to be turned offConsoleFixed an concern with character models whereby the arm would become overly extended on the LVOA if the M203 GL was attachedFixed an concern where the close Crate button would stay on the display screen in particular situations

Store, Items, & Weapons

Fixed an problem with the LVOA"s expanded magazine having a different placement in the Weaponsmith as it walk in the video game worldFixed a texture issue with patches as soon as equipping both the Crye 2 shirt and details vests.Fixed an issue where the Tier One Booster doesn"t administer your teammates through 25% bonus XPFixed a weapon problem with the M4 at sight 90 missing a scope optionFixed a weapon concern with the grandfather Super 90 having actually misaligned sightsFixed a customization issue where equipping a costume or icon would likewise equip a armed forces zipper shirtFixed a weapon attachment worry where the Digital limit of the Z93 AMR would clip through the character"s head when firing in ADSFixed a Weapon skin worry where the Llama paint pre-set plan is changed with the wolf Skin ~ above the barrel that a weaponUpdated the Predator Helmet so the it has actually the same result as the Predator MaskFixed an problem with the Fuze symbol where the camera would certainly clip with the model when in ADSFixed an issue where tools clipped through the backpack once using the "Jumping Jacks" emoteFixed a missing texture ~ above the Vigil IconFixed an issue where the "Hold because that Store" switch is present for Sonar GogglesFixed an concern where the player is redirected to Prestige Crates from weapons that space unlockable through Spec Ops CratesFixed an problem where part Year 2 particular items would rather redirect the player to Prestige Crates save pageFixed an concern where the "Russian red dot" scope was inconsistent in between shotguns and other weaponsFixed an worry where the Caveira gloves had actually clipping problems on appropriate wristFixed an issue where the Bandages Gloves had clipping issues on both wristFixed an concern where the surgical gloves have clipping worries on the appropriate wristFixed number of instances whereby ADS"ing as Sledge would reason the wielded pistol come clip v the character"s hand


All Platforms
Fixed an problem where the "Armory" difficulty in uPlay would not unlock if the user had actually purchased a class from the storeFixed an concern where a player can shoot while additionally interacting with and diffusing a mineFixed an problem with the Echelon whereby if their sonar capacity was active at the end of a round, in the following round any class chosen by the player would have actually Sonar instead of Night Vision goggles and would be can not to turn them off when turned onFixed an problem with the Surgeon wherein it would certainly not have the ability to heal an ally standing inside the Toxic"s smoke abilityFixed an issue on manufacturing facility where football player could become trapped between some propsFixed a HUD issue where the UI would certainly still screen suppressor text also after removed the suppressorFixed an issue where a player would certainly be stuck to looping defusing sound if they stepped away mid-diffusalFixed an manipulate in PvP where killing a hostage would count towards an obstacle completionFixed an make use of in PvP ~ above Dust Town whereby players were able to clip with the mesh to with an inaccessible areaFixed absent camo colors names from Character blacksmith in PvPFixed an problem in PvP where the camera see for the Attackers would certainly flickerFixed an concern in PvP where the winner text on the victory display screen would no appearFixed an issue in PvP whereby classes would certainly be delay in appearing on the win screenFixed an concern in PvP wherein the Fighting heart perk heal would heal the players inside the toxicity gasFixed an worry in PvP where killed players or spectators would certainly not have the ability to view the tacmap straight until revivedFixed an problem in PvP wherein some team members HP bars would present some HP even if they are deadFixed an problem in PvP wherein activating the Echelon’s sonar ability would permanently replace the night vision activation sound until rebootConsolesFixed an worry where users would get a "Kick for idle" note after several revive attemptsFixed an worry on the mini-map wherein downed teammate icons would no be visible