Directing and writing credits:"He"s Slippin" "Em Bread... Dig?" is directed by Kenny Ortega, created by Daniel Palladino. Ortega formerly directed these episodes:

A majority (6/9) of this Ortega-directed episodes were composed by among the Palladinos. They also brought him on because that "Bunheads," so ns think it"s for sure to say the they enjoy and also respect his work.

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As for Palladino news, I"m sure you"ve all seen this through now:

There room multiple teasers, yet this one is my favorite.

Most batshit stunner outfit:I can"t imagine having actually Huntzberger money and wearing a nylon on slide skirt through an untucked, brief sleeve satin button-down shirt to Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe Honor was currently several vodkas deep as soon as she acquired dressed.

This watch is serving Anna Coleman at her mom"s wedding vibes.

Lorelai"s height in the lunch v Christopher scene reminds me of numerous unfortunate selections I make circa sophomore year the college. Mine friends pulled with each other their Forever21 sources to create a communal closet, so i don"t think either of these were actually mine, however yikes. Ns guess this to be a famous neck and sleeve reduced in the early on 2000s.

I have actually no idea why I"m put on red crepe document as a headband.

You currently know just how I feel about these idiotic skinny scarves the will quickly be spanned in pancake syrup.

These scarves space the tantamount of a man"s crusty small crumb recording beard.

Most irritating Rory or Lorelai moment:Rory has the nerve come tell Lorelai the she doesn"t know what it"s favor to live in ~ Emily and also Richard"s house. Go she somehow forget the beginning story of her very own birth and Lorelai"s sixteen-year estrangement from her parents? This comment proves how self-centered Rory has end up being in she twenties.

Rory: girlfriend don"t know what the was favor to be living there. I had actually maids, however sometimes mine waffles still got a tiny bit cold.Lorelai: Hello, oppressed one, course of eighty-five!Rory: yet you acquired out.Lorelai: No, no. Girlfriend were just there for 3 months. You"re no in mine league. We can"t swap battle stories yet.Rory: They had actually their Reverend come over to speak me the end of having sex. They never did the to you.Lorelai: 5 times they did the to me! The critical time they triple-teamed me v a priest, a rabbi and also a Mormon missionary. Ns made so many jokes that night, I need to have had a microphone and also a brick wall surface behind me. And also I never obtained a fourty thousand dollar sex house.

With every passing episode, I uncover it more an overwhelming to muster up any type of positive feelings because that Rory. Through her ~ above the tracks, the trolley problem"s ethical dilemma evaporates.


The many annoying Lorelai minute is when she whips the end her hat box with every one of the notes she wrote for Rory throughout their estrangement. It"s all really "I could have dubbed you and repaired ours relationship favor adults, yet here’s my box of mistakes!" This is something Rory should comment on in her upcoming treatment session through Dr. Shapiro.

Number of time Rory or Lorelai treat your BFF choose shit:Both women room surprisingly decent — challenge I speak good? — friends. Sookie loses she shit when she finds out that Lorelai and Rory are reunited. She knocks a key of mushrooms out of some negative kitchen employee"s hands, screeching, "This means you can set a wedding date. No impediments!" Why is Sookie so obsessed through Luke and also Lorelai"s brewing nuptials? Is she all caught up top top "Dark Shadows" or something? Anyway, I give Lorelai girlfriend points for not telling Sookie come piss off.

After years of neglect, Rory lastly shows some actual affection for Lane. She appears legitimately excited around the band"s brand-new music, spouting off favorite songs by name and proving the she wasn"t lying when she said, "That tape you gave me that your brand-new stuff was awesome!" She even agrees to collection her "crack pipeline aside for the night" to offer as Hep Alien"s "D. A. Pennebaker" throughout the world"s most depressing showcase. No quantity of un-jinxing deserve to cancel out the negative luck carried by a guy with extreme confidence and also an I.Q. That eighty.

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Mrs. George, eat her heart out.

When Rory phone call Paris to announce her return to Yale through a drumroll, the harsh solution is every little thing I wanted it come be: "You really had to drum roll that? Of food you"re comes back. What space you walk to perform without a university degree? drive a forklift?" What I choose most about Paris is that you constantly know where you stand through her. If she"s no impressed, girl friend