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Oh, just how I love society media. You never recognize what you’re going to find. Prefer this valuable gem the I’m certain we every remember since well, it’s a Vine classic. I’ll begin off by saying that i think this guy is hilarious, a true irradiate in the world. In spite of his totality criminal thing which the course, i beg your pardon I carry out NOT condone. But, these are the civilization that do the human being go round.

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Basically, the event emerged on a live TV episode of Lockup prolonged Stay. Prosecutors accused a male defendant that distributing marijuana to an undercover female officer. But no, that offense wasn’t the worst part. The female prosecutor in court proceeds to state she case, noting, “He had actually no trouble whatsoever hitting on the undercover officer ~ above the audiotape, do the efforts to pick her up.?

“Girl, You’re Thicker 보다 a key of Oatmeal”

She then proceeds to say that the defendant apparently made explicit and also inappropriate comments to the officer, the most memorable being, “Girl, you’re thicker than a key of oatmeal.” LOL. JESUS CHRIST, THIS IS WONDERFUL. I require a sticker that this above quote. I have always wanted to have the ability to deliver a great knock lock dead pick-up line like this one, but no, sadly the hasn’t occurred yet. This is genius, a golden moment, I’d offer this male a handshake if he ever before said the to me in public.

But this isn’t the worst component of the video…oh no. The worst and best part is the upon listening his very own pick-up line, he nodded at the prosecutor, utilizing his cuffed hand to double point at she in agreement. Yes, this guy still believes that comment to be 100 percent true, and I love him because that it. This inmate is therefore proud the his words, and also well, he should be.

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A gold Pick-Up Line


When inquiry by regional authorities around why he claimed that comment, the man nonchalantly stated, ?Hey, hey, ns wasn?t lying, she had actually a fat ass, you know what i mean?” Also, I carry out want to allude out that I have no idea that this male is, I sought his left and also right, for this reason I have no elevator on him. There are only youtube videos and memes. Yet he will forever be well-known as the oatmeal male on Reddit and TikTok. God bless this TV show.