Google journey is a cloud storage and synchronization service. Many civilization use this communication to defend their files and also folders and also sync them in between different devices. Recently, we’ve encountered requests native Windows individuals who can’t beat videos indigenous Google Drive. The problem can be regarded the video record format or browser. Also, if your device hardware has an issue, you might be enduring this problem.

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Regardless that why or how this error occurred, you have the right to fix it with the basic methods discussed in this blog. Let’s acquire started.

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To settle the trouble with play this video clip on Google DriveFrequently inquiry Questions

What is the cause of the error message “There was a problem playing this video” on Google Drive


Since the error blog post is not details enough, the does not straight tell us the details cause. Google Drive just sends the very same error when the video clip playback request fails. So, we’ve gathered various reasons or causes why a video playback request can fail. Few of the most usual reasons are detailed below.

Outdated browser: older versions that your browser may not have all the necessary features come play videos and thus cause this error. Therefore, shot updating her browser.Unpopular video clip formats: If her video paper format is unpopular or old, this difficulty may occur.Poor web speed: If friend have poor internet speed, chances are this error will occur.Plugins: If you have actually recently mounted third-party plugins, you need to make sure that no one of their attributes interfere with video playback.Higher video clip resolution: Google drive supports a maximum video clip resolution the 1920*1080p. Anything above this resolution will certainly not play.Router protection settings: Routers today have strict protection settings that deserve to affect video clip playback.Blocked RAM: Temporary files are developed on your an equipment when playing videos utilizing Google Drive. If you have actually a huge amount that RAM, videos might not play.

To settle the trouble with playing this video clip on Google Drive



Some users usage Google journey to download and share pirated content. This is just not true, and sooner or later on Google will certainly delete it. If you shot to pat a pirated video, Google may have actually blocked/deleted/blocked it. Google uses record hashing come find and block together content.


What is the resolution that videos saved or posted to Google Drive? This is important because Google Drive only supports video clip resolutions up to 1920×1080. Videos in higher resolutions can not be played on Google Drive.


It’s also possible that the video paper is corrupted, which is why Google Drive displays the error message “This video can’t be played.

FILE dimension IS too LARGE

Video records are minimal to 5TB, which is too large for 99.99% that users, however you might be one exception. Are you collecting lot of videos and uploading them to disk? That’s crazy.


Google drive supports most, yet not all, common video clip formats. Inspect the perform to make certain yours is included. If not, you’ll need to transform your video clip to a different format.


If you’re trying come play videos native Google journey in her browser, try using incognito mode. It is sustained by most popular browsers such as Chrome and also Firefox. This will disable all extensions/add-ons.

If girlfriend no longer see the “Oops! There’s a trouble playing this video” error message, among the extensions/extensions is at fault.

Disable all extensions/add-ons, then re-enable lock one through one to find out which extension it is.


Do friend use more than one Google Account in her browser? Google permits users to sign in to multiple accounts in the Chrome browser.

This is convenient, but it could cause an error when playing videos top top Google Drive. Log the end of all but one account wherein the video clip is stored, and also then shot to play the video. Just open a new tab, click the profile photo and select the “Exit” option.

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Frequently request Questions

When Google drive doesn"t pat videos, most of the time the error is caused by an application or browser. However, periodically it can also be concerned your computer system hardware. Paper Properties: Google drive does not support older and also less common video clip formats.