Id favor to take it this chance to give you part details on what to be doing, why were doing it, and what to suppose in the future.

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Among those transforms were revisions come the an individual Story, consisting of a reorganization of particular story steps.

The mine Greatest are afraid story steps were deactivated for countless players, and also three measures from thing 8 were moved into chapter 7.

This prevented part players indigenous accessing specific content and likewise introduced some continuity errors.

Were likewise making part minor enhancements to the content, choose writing and also recording brand-new voice-over because that a few key characters, tweaking some camera moves, updating select art assets, and more.

This will affect a small variety of users who currently have personalities in certain states that story completion.


By default, you can access this within the video game by pressing H and then clicking the Story journal tab and selecting mine Story.

You will be able to experience the personal Story in its restored order in addition to the minor enhancements that begin with this story step.

While you will certainly not have the ability to replay ahead story actions to see few of the minor renovations that were made, girlfriend will have the ability to play the mine Greatest fear story content (based ~ above the an option you made in ~ the finish of A light in the Darkness) and additionally experience the revitalized chapter 8 story steps.

If you do not complete The source of Orr prior to the personal Story restoration goes live, you will certainly be advanced to success or death upon perfect of The source of Orr.

Victory or fatality is the final an individual Story step (and friend will miss out on out on most of thing 8 v this character).

This is due to these procedures being moved back into thing 8 and also the follower steps being revived to their original state.


Are girlfriend making any type of changes to the last fight versus Zhaitan A: Yes.

With this release, us are an altering a couple of things around the final an individual Story step Victory or Death.

Guild wars 2 temple Of The forget God complete Party To

For starters, the instance has actually been amendment to assistance 15 players so you will no much longer need a full party to complete it.

Guild wars 2 temple Of The forget God upgrade Goes Live

We have converted the story setting of The ruined City that Arah dungeon to it is in a an individual Story step, for this reason after this upgrade goes live, you might only beat it when as part of your personal Story.

We are also unlocking the explorable mode of this dungeon by default so access will no longer be gated through story mode completion.

We are likewise updating the destroyed City of Arah Dungeon monitor to it is in unlocked by story setting or explorable setting completion.

Additionally, the grasp of Arah achievement is being updated to only require perfect of explorable mode paths.

Please note that the core gameplay and also structure of this story instance has not been changedthe an obstacle has been adjusted to allow for solo play and will because of this be much more accessible for players.

You cannot reset your personalities story progress, either partly or fully.

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Attempting to adjust a characters story progression introduces a wide selection of bugs throughout various content and game systems.