Hal"s new York Seltzer is the just seltzer that is:

Sodium Free

According come the American love Association: "Too lot sodium in your system causes your body to retain (hold onto) water. This place an extra burden on her heart and also blood vessels. In part people, this may lead to or raise high blood pressure. Having less sodium in your diet may help you reduced or protect against high blood pressure." not all seltzers are created equal, i beg your pardon is why us think that creating a seltzer with no sodium is extremely important. You have the right to feel good about drinking ours in an effort to lower your blood pressure.

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0 calorie : 0 carbohydrate : 0 Sugar

All of this things add to weight gain and also obesity. Aid yourself do a way decision by drinking Hal"s to quickly avoid Sugar, Carbs and also Calories.

All herbal Ingredients

The flavoring that we use is simply the significance of the fruit. Meaning that there"s no added calories, sugar or fake tasting flavor. The process of obtaining the "essence" of one ingredient is by heater a item of the ingredient or peel to release the natural oils. Once we have actually this "oil" we carefully combine it with our seltzer to develop the most fresh and real tasting seltzer.

Certified Kosher

Under the supervision of the Orthodox Union, our seltzer and production facility room certified Kosher and kept come the strictest of standards in order to uphold this certification.

Produced in Upstate NY

Our production facility is in upstate NY so you have the right to feel an excellent about the truth that our quality seltzer doesn"t need to make a long journey to with the new Yorkers that love it.

Filtered 5x prior to Bottling

Carbon Filtration: Activated carbon filters are used mostly to remove complimentary chlorine indigenous water and also organics such together fulvic and humic acid.Cartridge filtration: removed of solids larger than 5 micron.Reverse Osmosis Filtration System: turning back osmosis is a filtration method that overcome water through pores in a filter membrane that space so small, just the pure water is able to gain through. Other contaminates space physically too big (including micro yeast, bacteria, etc.) and thus unable to pass v the pores of the system, therefore they do not go into in come the drinking water supply.Polishing system: 1 Micron polishing system.UV Treatment: Ultra Violet treatment mechanism that "Kills" noþeles that might accidentally make it through the RO system.

This is 99.999% PURE WATER


Replace those sugary sodas and juices

If you"re searching for a fizzy beverage, yet don"t desire your bubbles paired v sugar or sugar substitutes, seltzer is the answer! in ~ 0 calories and also 0 grams that sugar every serving, this drink it is provided flavor and also fizziness the is most enjoyable. If friend aren"t all set to reduced out sugary drink altogether, you deserve to use seltzer water to help trim the calories in other favorite drinks favor wine and fruit juices, too. Make a white alcohol spritzer, because that example, by filling her glass halfway through wine, then splashing in part club soda. 5 ounces the white wine includes 121 calories, for this reason you"ll alleviate that number by one-half or one-fourth by tempering her drink through sparkling water. Similarly, a cup that orange juice has 112 calories; alleviate your caloric intake by using much less juice and much more fizzy water.

Keep you yourself hydrated

You might not think the water as a nutrient, however it is important for an excellent health. Water keeps friend hydrated, is vital for relocating nutrients throughout her body, keeps you emotion full in between meals and reduces fluid retention. Many Americans don"t drink sufficient water, according to dietitian Sheila Tucker from Boston College. The lot of water you should drink every day relies on age, gender, food choices, activity, weather and health conditions. In general, you must aim for 1 quart that water for every 50 pounds of body weight, or 3 quarts a day because that a 150-pound person. Adding carbonated water to your drinking program may help you satisfy your everyday fluid requirements to remain hydrated.

Improve her digestion

You"re emotion a small sick to your stomach ~ eating, drink a glass that carbonated water deserve to help, follow to a 2002 study released in the "European journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology." Indigestion, additionally known as dyspepsia, is a term offered to explain a variety of symptom that happen in the upper abdominal area and also may incorporate bloating, nausea, vomiting or conveniently feeling complete after eating. The researchers say that carbonated water helps.

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Alleviate Constipation

The very same 2002 study likewise found an advancement in constipation in the examine participants that drank carbonated water. When you"re taking care of constipation, you understand to up your intake of foods high in fiber. However getting enough fluids is as necessary as fiber as soon as it involves constipation. Fluids, such together carbonated water, aid the fiber work better in her gut and also make stools normal and regular.