If you’ve been on Twitter today, friend may have actually stumbled upon hashtags about J5 and also people wishing a happy Founder’s Day to Kappa Alpha Psi, a united state college fraternity. However what is J5 Kappa Alpha Psi exactly?

What is J5 Kappa Alpha Psi?

Kappa Alpha Psi is a university fraternity created by ten black college students in ~ Indiana university in 1911. J5 describes the job the fraternity was established – 5 January.

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110 year ago, ~ above today’s date, January 5, 1911, ten black color college college student dared come dream and establish a fraternity on the campus of Indiana University. It provided them a feeling of comfort, friendship, support and also encouragement; urged them to accomplish and affected others. Pic.twitter.com/2zPz3RrPPG

When the fraternity to be established, its founders were component of a small number of black students in ~ a white bulk university, as result of the Jim Crow regulations of the era. The background section that Kappa Alpha Psi’s website describes the fraternity’s formation: “The variety of places wherein they can assemble was limited.

“Realising the they had no part in the social life that the university and also drawn together by usual interests, they made decision that a Greek-letter fraternity would do much to fill the missing link in your college existence.”

The ethos behind the fraternity to be to “raise the sights of black youths and stimulate them to accomplishments higher than could otherwise be establish or even imagined.”

Kappa Alpha Psi now has chapters all throughout the US. They additionally have worldwide chapters in Nigeria, south Africa, and also Korea – to name yet a few!

Famous members of Kappa Alpha Psi include NFL star Colin Kaepernick.

Twitter wishes a happy Founder’s Day to Kappa Alpha Psi

Twitter users have actually been rushing today to wish a happy J5 (or Founder’s Day!) to Kappa Alpha Psi.

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Many of those celebrating the 110th anniversary room members of various chapters of the fraternity.

The day is ~ above us. Throw a