In 1995, Galoob created an extremely unusual line of toys called Happy Ness and also the Secret of the Loch. Yep, they"re all Nessies! For a tiny line based upon a cartoon, there were a lot of various kinds of toys. The main line was 6" numbers that had actually light-up necklaces and headdresses. Tright here were smaller 3" minis of the very same 6 Nesses, plus three Polly Pocket-style locket playsets via tiny figures, and 4 human personalities. And ultimately, there were three plush playthings made.

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Happy Ness
Happy Ness is not the easiest line to collect. ebay searcs mainly lug you listings for the videos. I"ve managed to acquire all 6 light-up figures and also five of the 6 smaller figures, plus one plush. (I"m not after the human figures or the mini playsets.)
Silly Ness
My initially toy was the mini number of Silly Ness, who"s my favorite with her jester hat. Someone on ebay had actually several of the numbers up in March 2011 and she was the only one I regulated to win! I"ve bought almost all of my figures mint on card, and also Silly had some paint degradation on her bells, so I touched that up with gold paint. (I later on did the very same for my huge Silly Ness.)My following Ness didn"t come till August 2011, as soon as I randomly found the mini Happy Ness on Bonanza for $5. Happy is my leastern fave of the six, but she"s still plenty cute.
Kind Ness
Kind Ness was the beside be included in May 2012, aacquire in the mini dimension. I love both sizes, yet I think the deals with on the minis are extra cute. Mini Cool Ness followed in August 2012, alongside my first big Ness, Lovely. I gained both from the exact same seller.
Cool Ness
The bigger numbers tend to have actually even more fregulations than the small ones. A lot of mine have actually dried-on glue dripping from where their arms were attached and also the bodies are incredibly obviously a different shade than the arms. But they"ve all functioned if I put a fresh battery in! I don"t leave batteries in them though.
Lovely Ness
Each Ness comes with either a mirror or a brush. Cool Ness and Silly Ness have actually the mirrors, given that they do not have actually brushable hair.I acquired the large variation of Happy Ness in February 2013, not also lengthy before we moved.I"ve been fairly productive in my Ness gathering since we moved down right here to Florida. The big versions of Kind Ness and also Silly Ness came during Christmas 2013. My mommy bought me Silly and also I acquired myself Kind, but conserved her to open up through Silly on Christmas day.
The elusive Bideal Ness
March 2014 brought me the little version of Lovely Ness and the huge Cool Ness came in June, leaving me with only both the huge and small versions of Bideal Ness to find, together with the plush. Bbest Ness, for some reason, is the the majority of hardly ever checked out and also the one that goes for the greatest prices. I witnessed a mini of her as soon as and also it sold for over $100.

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Plush Happy Ness
After years of looking, I ultimately gained my initially plush in July 2014! It was Happy Ness, of course. The various other two in the line are Cool and also Silly, that I love, so of course Happy is the one I obtained. She is actually checked out somewhat typically. I"ve watched her a number of times since I bought mine. The trouble through trying to find these plush is that so few people understand what they are. And carry out you understand just how many kind of listings are on ebay for plush dragons and dinosaurs? I simply do not have the patience to dig via them all, which is why I still only have this one plush.Bappropriate Ness acquired included to the household in December 2014. And sadly, I haven"t included another item because her, however I just require the harder to discover stuff currently. I hope to ultimately obtain the mini Bappropriate Ness and also the two continuing to be plush, yet it could take one more few years. That"s part of the fun and also frustration of liking lesser known lines like this.Happy Ness are a good and also unusual line, yet certainly not for the impatient! If you"re going to start collecting, be all set for it to take years.PHOTO CREDITS: All mine.