Given the extremes to which Happy! go in its penultimate episode, I’d have actually bet a fortune that there to be no means that Wednesday’s Season 1 finale might possibly shock me. Like, what to be left? yet shock me, the surreal Syfy series did, an initial by do me misty-eyed (twice) and then by transferring an finishing that was in reality happy. Happy!, even. How? read on…

‘YOU have BEEN A an extremely BAD SOCK!’ | as “I am the Future” began, McCarthy had no sooner acquired done revealing come Blue the his leverage over she was currently “resting peacefully in a body bag in ~ County” — and also using a Taser to drive house her allude — than Nick recorded up v her and also demanded the the scumbag expose where he’d find very Bad Santa (hereafter VBS). Return the crime ceo wasn’t fazed through Nick’s threats — or, for that matter, gift hung from a barbed-wire fence — that didn’t matter. Happy, having spotted VBS’ amount say puppet close to the truck that had been carrying Hailey and the other living dolls, had actually a lead!

With the back-up of the rest of his imaginary-friends support group, Happy torture the fact out the VBS’ amount say puppet (via tickling, because, apparently, socks room as ticklish together feet). Yes, he’d exit VBS as soon as he’d needed him most, the sock confessed. He just couldn’t take watching his pal, that was so identified never to prosper up, pains people. Upon finding out the madman’s whereabouts, Happy and Nick took off for his lair, where, at that very moment, VBS was preparing to lobotomize Hailey as he’d excellent so plenty of other kids!

‘YOU LOOK choose A CRUISE SHIP acquired TORPEDOED with LIBERACE’S CORPSE’ | Meanwhile, merry surprised Sonny light backstage before his large Wishtacular and also found the end Amanda’s place by threatening to arrest him mid-performance. Ago at VBS’ lair, Hailey’s shout tipped off Nick and Happy to she whereabouts. Prior to they could get come her, however, Sax landed self in no one yet two be affected by each other traps. “I just keep finding out bold brand-new frontiers that suck,” that couldn’t assist but remark. While he freed self from the painful restraints, Happy flew to Hailey’s rescue and took ~ above VBS himself!

By the moment Nick to be on the move again, VBS had trapped Happy in a jar, and also Hailey had actually made her method to the roof. There, VBS pleaded v the tiny girl come “fly away” with him for this reason that, unequal him, she’d never have to flourish up. After Hailey virtually lost she footing and also fell, to her surprise, VBS was gone. For this reason she climbed down from her perch, rounded a corner and also came challenge to pistol with Nick. At a loss regarding how to reassure her that he was a good guy, the blurted out, “Happy sent me.” In response, she said, “Daddy?” before their aer conversation can go any type of farther, VBS struck Nick.

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‘LET’S REGIFT THIS FRUITCAKE!’ | at first, VBS seemed to have the advantage. Since he considered himself “the spirit of Christmas,” only magic might hurt him. So, together Nick bashed his adversary with a brick, he cracked, “Hocus pocus, motherf—er!” Unfortunately, in ~ that an extremely moment, Sax suffered an additional heart attack. VBS would have merrily tossed him turn off the next of the building, had Happy not shown up — through reinforcements: his posse of imaginary friends! “Cut him, Twig,” the tiny blue unicorn instructed a literal stick figure. By the time VBS had actually shaken off Hailey’s rescuers, she had offered Nick his love medication, and he to be at the very least slightly rallying.

As VBS come running towards Nick and Hailey, Sax thankfully had the stamin to pull the trigger, sending the madman crashing v a skylight. Together he hung there, the display stunned me, in the loveliest way, by mirroring him part compassion: VBS’ amount say puppet returned to him then, tenderly pack itself about his hand. Earlier on the roof, Hailey educated Nick that she’d told Sonny bright she only had one great — to accomplish her dad. Unfortunately, it looked favor their meeting was walking to it is in brief. Secs after Sax had actually reunited Hailey with her mom, that collapsed. “Cue the music,” that told Happy. “Fade come black.”

‘HERE comes THE FUN!’ | from there, we cut to merry at a tomb and, if just for one instant, thought possibly Nick really had kicked the bucket. Yet it was she mom’s grave in ~ which she was rendezvousing with Nick. And also she had great news: indigenous on the street was that Blue’s password had passed away with Sax. In ~ Hailey’s, the small girl noticed that Happy was fading. The was because she was farming up and didn’t require him anymore, the explained. However if he wasn’t with her, whereby would he go? perhaps somebody rather will require him, he said before vanishing while to sing his song one last time. (Again, big-time sniffles.)

As happy would have actually it, Nick needed Happy — badly. Sax insisted that this was no his “darkest hour” and, in fact, he to be “a goddamn imperial flush.” however yeah, OK, he was scared to death by the mere prospect of going come the movies the afternoon v Hailey. He couldn’t, as Happy suggested, carry out what came naturally. “Dismemberment comes normally to me!” So give thanks to goodness his partner was going to be approximately to loan a hoof! Then, ~ the close up door credits, Disco Mikey yielded the Orcus come Blue in prison. Afterwards, the mobster to be “hungry.” Hmm.

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