The civilization Famous Harvest Moon pair Drive-in started life 67years back as a dream once it opened July ninth 1954.

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Founders Clifford and Joyce Orr began a tradition of outdoor movie in main Illinois the would proceed for decades. The Orr"s i found it the drive-in craze taking shape everywhere the nation in the so late 40"s and early 50"s and ju

The world Famous Harvest Moon twin Drive-in began life 67years earlier as a dream as soon as it opened up July ninth 1954.

Founders Clifford and also Joyce Orr started a tradition of outdoor movie in central Illinois that would proceed for decades. The Orr"s i found it the drive-in craze acquisition shape anywhere the country in the late 40"s and also early 50"s and also jumped all in. Clifford likewise owned and operated the only indoor movie residence in Gibson City in ~ the time. He take it his passion for activity pictures and desire to lug joy to families and also used the mix to produce the Harvest Moon. That Spark ignited something also Clifford might not have actually predicted.

The Orr family members operated the Harvest Moon from it"s inception in 1954 with the finish of the 60"s when decreasing attendance forced the theatre to close.

The theatre to be operated by another local businessman in the late 70"s beforeit was closed due to alack of interest when again.

Clifford kept his eye top top theater as time and the weather took it"s toll. In the at an early stage 80"s the town of Gibson City Beautification committee made decision the drive-in to be an eyesore and also sent someone to demolish the screen tower. Through luck and some faith from the contractor, Clifford caught them prior to it could be take away down and the screen stood solid waiting for one more dreamer to lug it earlier to life.

The Harvest Moon continues to withstand the exam of time surviving a tornado in the 1960"s, the advent of Cable TV, VHS, DVD, Bluray and also now digital streaming of shows and movies.

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In 1989, the Harvest Moon to be reborn as the dream of local Businessman Mike Harroun.

He had properly run 3 at home theatres while holding down a permanent job, and also wanted a place where his young boy would be able to enjoy movies in a safe and fun environment. ~ cashing out his life savings, borrowing indigenous friends and family, and putting his dream ~ above the line,the Harvest Moon Came ago to life together a single screen drive-in in the spring of 1989. Thousands of hrs of tough work, the assist of friends and the neighborhood led come the revival of the aging drive-in theatre.

In 1996, The Harvest Moon became a twin drive-in after erecting a second Screen. The screen originally come from the Starlite Drive-in in Kankakee, and spent a couple of years at the Clinton Drive-in before arriving at the Harvest Moon.

Nearly two decades later, The Harvest Moon to be converted come digital projection in 2013 thanks to the help of hundreds of supporters throughout the country and a loan native the bank. Over $250,000 in upgrades havehelped to make the Harvest Moon the premier out theatre in main Illinois. 4k Ultra HD picture, digital 5.1 surround sound via aFM stereo Transmitter, and that nostalgic 50"s atmosphere integrate the past and also presenteach night in ~ the human being Famous Harvest Moon pair Drive-in; open up March-October every year.

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It"s no an enig that the Covid-19 Pandemic has compelled a myriad of alters to our people in 2020. The drive-in is no exception. State mandates preserved the drive-in shuttered until mid-May of 2020. Through no brand-new movies being released and our stays turned upside down, the staff at the drive-in totally revamped our procedure to lug out the ideal hope we could provide for our local drive-in family.

2020 presented a fully different set of occasions to the drive-in lineup. Us started providing graduation events, religious services, weddings and also private events for countless groups both throughout the day and once the sunlight set.

With no brand-new releases, us brought ago some fan favorite movies, retro classics and also truly old college movies to the joy of thousands.

In 2020 we additionally brought in live music because that the very first time since 2012. We organized several live concerts including the very first drive-in in the midwest to host a live display in a covid for sure drive-in environment. In addition to some big national acts and local favorites, we also brought large performers come the large screens v our Encore Drive-in Nights concert series showcasing artist from Garth Brooks come Metallica.

The Harroun family officially to buy the floor the drive-in sit on in 2020 through a vow to keep it open up for future generations.

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In 2021, our new means forward proceeds to adapt and change. We"ll hold sporting events, live music, onscreen shows from large artists, new movies and also retro favorites along with all the extra occasions we space happy to organize for those in need. We look forward to your visit this season.