My dad and also I were in the Man cave when us heard the elevator doors open up to disclose Henry and Charlotte. Appropriate as they acquired up and walked out they were fighting end something and I wasn't interested in what they to be fighting about to it is in honest.

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"What's the beef jerky's?" my dad asked after ~ they finished fighting.

"Okay, gain this. Henry wants me to shoot a video of that blowing one of his bubbles and also transforming right into Kid peril so that he have the right to watch the video clip and check out what the looks like." Charlotte described to us and also I grinned at this. "Now, will you both tell him exactly how insane that is?"

That's therefore awesome! ns wanna see.

"Oh mine god!" my dad and I stated with shock.


"That's therefore awesome!" ns beam and Henry smiled and also Charlotte was shocked.



"Can we carry out it together?" my dad asked v eagerness.

"Yeah!" Henry beamed and also Charlotte remained in disbelief.

"Can't think I never thought the transforming right into Captain male on video so I have the right to see what it looks like!" mine dad exclaimed, hi-fiving Henry.

"Right? therefore let's do it with each other now." Henry tells him.

"Are you men crazy? friend can't execute this. What if this gets out?" Charlotte asked us and also I rolled my eyes.

"Why you constantly gotta to speak no?" i asked her.

"You don't wanna it is in the party that no." ray added.

"That's no a funny party" Henry said.

"Well, I'm sorry if I'm the one approximately here who actually thinks points through." Charlotte mentioned and I stared in ~ her together Henry and my dad scoffed.

"Excuse me?" i asked her.

"Name one time i didn't think something through." my dad retorted.

I have the right to name plenty of times that didn't think something through.

"Okay. How around the time there to be a fly on the elevator door." Charlotte said.

"I don't remember any fly." mine dad remarked, pretending no to remember.


Two mainly ago.

Henry, mine dad, and also I were watching Drake and Josh and Charlotte to be trying to record a fly.

"Hey, has anyone watched where the fly went?" Charlotte asked and also I rotate to view it ~ above the elevator door.

"It's top top the elevator door." ns pointed and also Charlotte was about to acquire it when my dad spicy a blaster at it.

"I'll get it."


Before I might finish mine dad fired the blaster and it blasted a feet in the wall. Henry and also I looked in ~ my dad, while Charlotte was still ~ above the floor. My dad slowly sunk ago into his seat as soon as Charlotte gained up and also we continued watching the show.

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Present Day

"Remember that costed 4 thousand dollars come repair the elevator door?" Henry chuckled.