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Here"s your Receipt, Sir! will There be Anything Else? describes a collection of memes based upon a suggestive four-panel webcomic in i m sorry a retail clerk asks a client who just purchased a crate of Magnum condoms, a rope and also a roll of duct tape even if it is he needs anything else. Spawned by a famous voiceover meme, the style was popularized together the setup because that bait-and-switch memes on YouTube in late April 2021.


On November 7th, 2019, NSFW artist merynyaa tweeted<1> a suggestive four-panel comic in i m sorry a female retail clerk selling a box of magnum condoms, a rope and also a role of duct tape to a customer, questioning whether he requirements anything else (shown below). In the last panel of the comic, the customer then grabs the clerk"s shoulder. The clerk"s appearance and also name are based upon Twitter user

The tweet obtained over 4,000 retweets and 26,400 likes in 18 months. A November 21st Newgrounds<9> repost by the author gained over 55,200 views and 600 favorite in the same period.


Prior come April 14th, 2021, Instagram user cursed.voiceovers posted a dubbed video clip edit based upon the comic, finishing the story through Staring Cat saying, "No, that will be it. Thanks for asking!" prior to zooming out right into a good Ending demotivational poster (original short article no longer available).

On April 14th, YouTube<2> user The male With a Gas Mask renewed again the meme come YouTube, wherein it obtained over two million views in three weeks (shown below).


Starting top top April 22nd, 2021, cursed.voiceovers" picture received more spread virtual through an ext reposts top top YouTube<3><4> and also Instagram.<5>

ON April 24th, 2021, YouTube<6> user Mauricio Shirley Fallen post the earliest discovered derivative meme, editing and enhancing in Staring Hamster and also a Rickroll bait-and-switch. The video (shown below, left) built up over 26,400 see in 2 weeks. On April 26th, YouTube<7><8> individuals Ghostcat JPEG and Plasbez posted 2 versions that the meme, gaining practically 100,000 views and also 40,000 views in two weeks, respectively (Ghostcat JPEG"s edit displayed below, right).

In so late April 2021, the format achieved a notable presence ~ above YouTube with a variety of high-engagement videos, several of which used the an excellent Ending / bad Ending supplementary format.





<2> YouTube – H-here’s your receipt, sir!

<3> YouTube – h-here’s her receipt sir!

<4> YouTube – h-here’s her receipt sir!

<5> Instagram – pampam.mp4

<6> YouTube – Here"s your receipt, teacher TRUE ENDING

<7> YouTube – H-here"s your receipt, sir!

<8> YouTube – here"s your receipt sir <☠WORST/EVILEST ENDING☠>

<9> Twitter – salesman Sammy

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