Hey Hey What deserve to I perform ChordsThe other songs ~ above the website are in a various key, that in the key of A in the OFFICIAL however on the recording it is slightly the end of tune not enough for the etc to it is in tuned fifty percent a stepKey:b - bendr - -releaseh - hammerP - pull-off~ - vibrateIntro, the intro goes choose thisA fifth fret barrechord:E 1 - -B 1 - -G 1 2 -D 1 - 4A 1 - 3E 1 - -strum (strum pattern down,down,up...),then string(6)7h9, climate string(5)7h9, continueX4,then G followed by D both strumed twiceThe progression is A-G-D hear for the changesA fifth fret barrechord:E 1 - -B 1 - -G 1 2 -D 1 - 4A 1 - 3E 1 - -G thrid stress barrechord:E 1 - -B 1 - -G 1 2 -D 1 - 4A 1 - 3E 1 - -D fifth fret barreE 1 - -B 1 - 4G 1 - 2D 1 - 3A 1 - -E X - -OR if the to tough using fingers 2,3,4, barre with 3rd finger instead, together shown:E 1 - -B 1 - 3G 1 - 3D 1 - 3A 1 - -E XVERSE 1A GWanna tell you around the girl i loveDMy she looks therefore fineA GShe"s the just one that i been dreamin" ofDMaybe someday she will be every mineA GI wanna tell her that ns love she soDI thrill v her every touchA G (pause)I must tell her she"s the just one ns really loveCHORUSA G D(same because that each heat in chorus)I got a woman, wanna sphere all dayI obtained a woman, she won"t be true, noI got a woman, continue to be drunk every the timeI stated I got a little woman and also she won"t be trueVERSE 2A GSunday morning once we go down to churchDSee the menfolk standin" in lineA GI stated they concerned pray to the LordDWith my tiny girl, looks for this reason fineA GIn the evening as soon as the sun is sinkin" lowDEverybody"s through the one lock loveA GI walk the town, keep a-searchin" every aroundDLookin" for my street corner girlCHORUS (same chords as chorus above)I acquired a woman, wanna ball all dayI got a woman, she won"t be true, no noI acquired a woman, stay drunk every the timeI claimed I got a little woman and also she won"t be trueVERSE 3(same chords together verse above)In the bars, with the men who pat guitarsSingin", drinkin" and rememberin" the timesMy tiny lover does a midnight shiftShe followed roughly all the timeI guess there"s simply one point a-left because that me come doGonna pack my bags and also move on mine wayCause I acquired a concerned mind, Sharin" what I assumed was mineGonna leave her where the guitars playCHORUSI gained a woman, she won"t it is in true, no noI obtained a woman, wanna ball all dayI acquired a woman, stay drunk all the timeI gained a tiny woman and also she won"t be true(Hey hey what have the right to I do)I claimed she won"t be true(Hey Hey, What have the right to I say?)Hey hey, what have the right to I doI got a woman, she won"t be trueLord, hear what ns sayI gained a woman, wanna sphere all day
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Hey Hey What deserve to I execute tabs
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Led Zeppelin to be an English rock band that developed in august 1968. Led Zeppelin had Jimmy web page (guitar), Robert tree (vocals), john Paul Jones (bass guitar, keyboards) and also John Bonham (drums). V their heavy, guitar-driven sound, Led Zeppelin are pertained to as one of the first heavy metal bands.<1><2> However, the band"s individualistic style draws from plenty of sources and transcends any type of one genre.<3> your rock-infused interpretation of the blues and folk genres<4> likewise incorporated rockabilly,<5> reggae,<6> soul,<7> funk,<8> classical, Celtic, Indian, Arabic, pop, Latin and country. The band did not release the renowned songs from your albums as singles in the UK, as they preferred to build the ide of album-oriented rock.<9>Close come 30 year after disbanding adhering to Bonham"s death in 1980, Led Zeppelin continue to be hosted in high regard because that their artistic achievements, advertisement success and large influence. The band have actually sold much more than 300 million albums worldwide,<10><11><12><13><14> consisting of 111.5 million sales in the united States<15> and also they have had all their non-compilation studio albums reach the U.S. Billboard optimal 10.<16> Led Zeppelin room ranked No. 1 top top VH1"s 100 best Artists of hard Rock.<17> Rolling stone magazine has defined Led Zeppelin together "the heaviest tape of every time" and "the greatest band the the 70s".<18>On 10 December 2007 the making it through members of Led Zeppelin reunited (along with deceased drummer john Bonham"s boy Jason) because that the Ahmet Ertegün Tribute Concert in ~ The O2 in London.Indexed in ~ Wikipedia.

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