Are Hey Violet a absent band? to be they ever? Does the matter? through their brand-new album "From The Outside", they"ve fight the motherlode.

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Words: Ali Shutler. Photos: sarah Louise Bennett.

There room far much more interesting story to it is in told 보다 the one questioning if Hey Violet room a absent band. Because that over a te the likes the Panic! in ~ The Disco, autumn Out Boy and also Linkin Park have been acquisition a little bit of every little thing they love and also making it their own. Much more recently, Twenty One Pilots and PVRIS have actually been much more focused ~ above the art, 보다 what colours they’re allowed to use. It’s 2017, and anything goes. Hey Violet no wasting their time worrying around how the remainder of the civilization views them since they’ve obtained stories of their very own to tell. Inquiries of authenticity space shrugged turn off - “Any artist gaining up on stage and doing their own thing is yes, really if they feel their music” - and instead, a sure-footed to trust reigns.The core trio the Rena and also Nia Lovelis and Miranda miller have been in bands with each other for nearly a decade. “We’ve grown up together. Miranda was twelve once I very first met her,” beginning Nia. “Rena is mine sister so ns couldn’t really avoid that one.” They’ve always shared a comparable idea of whereby they want to go. “Miranda, Rena and also I are on the same page, and we’ve always taught each other things. I recognize I’d be a totally different human without them.” together Casey Moreta and also Ian Shipp, all 5 of them are very comparable people. “We’re different ends of the same soul,” proceeds Nia, v Rena adding: “Everyone adds something special. In the beginning, we were these lost youngsters not knowing exactly how to connect. Gift friends however not really expertise each rather emotions, and in the procedure of this band, we’ve acquired closer and also gained a lot an ext understanding in every other. We’re yes, really solid appropriate now.”This isn’t overnight success or easy riding though. It’s to be a hell of a trip. First came Cherri Bomb, a snotty rock band with arena ambitions, that witnessed Rena, Miranda and Nia join by vocalist Julia Pierce. They shared stages v everyone native Foo fighters to The wrecking Pumpkins and put the end album ‘This Is The end of Control’ in 2012. The adhering to year Julia left, Casey began filling in on guitar, and also Rena took her place at the front. “We were still walking by the name Cherri Bomb if Casey was in the band however we should have changed the surname then. We were hanging top top the name since we were afraid the change.” The name stuck around for a couple of years while the band figured some things out, yet Cherri Bomb was dead. Hey Violet was lively from that moment on. “When we parted methods with the various other member, that’s once it to be a finish change. It to be a brand-new era. We were make the efforts out different things, and that’s once we to be a different band. It took us a if to acquire the name readjust going, but in our hearts and also souls, we knew this to be different. This was a brand-new band. We required a new start.”After a couple of years of moving the puzzle piece around, Hey Violet broke cover in 2015 with debut EP ‘I deserve to Feel It’, signing to five Seconds the Summer’s hello Or Hey Records and also supporting the Australian tape on their arena tour. The ‘Brand brand-new Moves’ EP complied with in 2016 together the addition of Iain Shipp on bass, freeing Rena up to emphasis on the microphone.Over the course of the past few years, the band have actually moved indigenous the type of primary-coloured pop-punk that you’d expect, to something less obvious. If ‘I deserve to Feel It’ is all power chords and also bubblegum punk, ‘Brand brand-new Moves’ takes that perspective to the dancefloor. Elsewhere the tilted-head reality of ‘Fuqboi’ and the dark euphoria the ‘Pure’ started the band down a route that leads to your debut album ‘From The Outside’. “There have been ups and downs musically, there have been some weird moments, our mid-band-life crisis, but now we’ve acquired to a an excellent place and also can confidently say us stand behind it. There was just such a long duration of do the efforts to uncover our sound,” uses Rena. “Even at the beginning of Hey Violet when we to be a various band, us knew we want to go an ext pop, but we were shed in the reality that us didn’t know exactly how to perform pop. The a whole other pet you need to tackle.”Refusing to take it the easy route of continuing to be in your lane, ‘From The Outside’ look at Hey Violet branching out and also not making any apologies around it. “We were doing that whole pop-punk thing, and also then we asked, ‘Well, where have the right to we walk now?’ It’s more about advertise yourselves than seeing where the destination is,” describes Nia. “Let’s watch how far we deserve to go to the left, or how much can us go come the right, and also then number out what feels finest to us.” It turns out what feels ideal is a small bit the everything and also a totality lot of heart.“Somehow we ended up in a comfortable spot because that us, and yet, uncomfortable in ~ the same time,” laughs Rena. It was crucial for ‘From The Outside’ to view the tape “outside of our box”, without seeming favor they’re trying too hard. “We’re not going to carry out something various just to show civilization we’re unpredictable; we’re just doing it due to the fact that we love it.”“The funny point is, talking around doing what other civilization say rather of doing those in your heart, we’ve absolutely been there,” adds Miranda. “Now we’re coming out of it; people are like, ‘Now you’re just not being yourselves’, yet this is us. This is the many us that it’s ever been.”‘From The Outside’ is a record about falling in love. It’s about heartbreak and also heartfelt discovery, gift in control and also not being afraid of how you feel. “We provided to compose a lot of songs around not being in control. We wanted to rotate that around and also see what it was prefer from the other side,” beginning Nia. “The record does that. When we’re singing about having a damaged heart, we want you to rest our heart. We want to feel following level. We want to take an median story, every these different love stories, and figure out different perspectives. That’s why we called it ‘From The Outside’, we desire you to take it a step earlier and realise there are all these different ways come look at love and also experience love.”“It offers you a various view of her life and the different ways the you can see it,” adds Rena. “I overthink a the majority of things, but with the record, it just came indigenous the heart. Us let the be precisely what it wanted it come be. We let the songs perform their very own thing.”“When girlfriend spill your guts, they don’t go ago in,” sings ‘My Consequence’. “That’s me in a nutshell,” laughs Rena. The tape surrender come the vulnerable across the record, without submitting or bowing down. Instead, they find power in the truth. At first, it was daunting, yet now - “I’m a pretty open book around the shit the I’ve unable to do through. Ns open around the truth I experience from anxiety and also depression.

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My stress and anxiety is constantly v the roof, to put my newspaper on the line was a very nerve-wracking thing for me and for a lengthy time ns felt prefer I to be a guinea pig because I to be going with all this medications. Ns was happy gift onstage but apart indigenous that; ns felt messed up.”