You can go into the Kingdom’s leaf via a tram native the old Basin or through the City that Tears. There’s no Stag terminal in this area which makes travelling around the area a little an ext cumbersome.

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From the tram head to the right and also then approximately the top of the cavern. Take it the exit over to the royal Waterways. Supervisor dash throughout to the left and also stop about half way. There’s a passage above that leads to a Grub.


After rescuing the grub head back to Kingdom’s Edge. Make your method to the right and also just prior to the breakable wall you deserve to slam the ground to open up a secret. This is really component of The Hive. Do your method through the mountain water and into a tiny section that The Hive. As soon as you’ve cleared the end the bees you’ll uncover a Grub on a ledge come the left.


Head ago to Kingdom’s Edge and also through the breakable wall to the right. Jump up the ledges and also over come the best to uncover Cornifer hiding in among the pipes. He’ll offer a map for 112 Geo.

Drop ago down to the water below and make your method directly throughout to the right, till you with a small house with a Bench outside. Go into to accomplish Nailmaster Oro and learn a new Nail Art, the Dash Slash.

Leave the house and also head come the right. Proceed all the means to the appropriate for the spirit Totem, then come earlier a little and downward slam with the ground come the cavern below. Make your method through the cavern till you drop under to a room through spikes and also a good Hopper. This adversary is daunting to attend to in such a confined space.


Past the spikes to the best you have the right to rescue another Grub. Just under the grub is a cracked in the wall that you deserve to enter. Go through and use the bottom dive a few times till you uncover the Giant Geo Deposit through 420 Geo.


Head all the means back as much as where you combated the an excellent Hopper and also go come the left. Proceed up the ledges, killing or avoiding the stroked nerves Primal Aspids along the way. On the ideal side, about fifty percent way up, there’s a door the leads to a room through the Quick Slash charm. Leave and continue approximately the top.

Break through the wall surface at the top, do your way to the left a tiny and climate take the exit above. The path to the best leads to the Dream Warrior Markoth but you’ll need the Shade Cloak (found in the Abyss) to obtain past the shade Gate prior to you deserve to take that on. Head come the left and also take the next departure up.

Go to the right, rest the wall surface to the right and go up to rescue a Grub. Head back the method you came, go up, right and then up, breaking the roof, to the Bench outside where you’ll find a Wanderer’s Journal. Equip your charms for a ceo fight. Fall down, head come the right and follow the path around to Hornet.



Hornet has actually far an ext health because that this battle (700 HP) and also an extra move. In addition to the dash, pond throw and also jumping dash she will additionally spawn stars once she takes sufficient damage. You have the right to hit them to remove them to clear the battlefield.

The strategy is lot the very same as the an initial fight. I uncovered it advantageous to use quick Slash to gain in a couple of strikes every time she stood still. As soon as she spins she yarn or is at the opposite next of the arena friend should have actually time for a heal. Every know and again she’ll prevent to take it a breath once she’s taken too much damage. If friend have fast Focus you can heal 3 times before she starts attack again.

Once Hornet has been defeated proceed to the right and also down about to the gaping mouth. Inside you’ll uncover the King’s Brand the will enable you accessibility to The Abyss.

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There’s a King’s Idol just listed below The Colosseum. You have the right to go and pick the up now or head right for The Abyss.