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The house Depot #6871 isn’t simply a hardware store. We provide tools, appliances, out furniture, building materials to Titusville, residents. Allow us aid with your job today!

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The house Depot has over 1,500 areas throughout the united States consisting of the territories of Puerto Rico. Save inventory is comprised of 40,000 different species of building supplies, home innovation materials, appliances and lawn and garden products for every one of your project needs.Selections might differ from keep to store due to the fact that the home Depot areas are guaranteed to be stocked with...

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The Toms River residence Depot isn"t simply a hardware store. We carry out tools, appliances, the end furniture, structure materials to Toms River, residents. Permit us assist with your project today!

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typical Rating 60

can not find anything or a any kind of body to help. Merchandize put earlier on shelf as new but used

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median Rating 80

Went there Friday night because that paint. Ery the clerk was an excellent and mixed the perfect color from a product swatch. Went ago Saturday and the very same rep Ery worked his magic again. Thanx so lot my colors are perfection!!

post by Donna Wilson on October 26, 2015. carried to you by facebook.

average Rating 20

Do no buy appliances right here or at any Home Depot. They perform not stand by their sales. They do not stand by your customers.

post by Lorrie Radin-Erli ~ above July 28, 2015. carried to girlfriend by facebook.

mean Rating 20

The customer service is horrible. Went there to get a plastic bin with a locking top. Well they had a bin, but no equivalent tops. Why stock the bottom only and also actually think friend would offer it. You would certainly think they would order the locking top or send the bins to a save that has the right size locking tops! who runs this place. The tops space at an additional location. Salesperson was claimed to speak to us...

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The Toms River residence Depot isn"t just a hardware store. We carry out tools, appliances, out furniture, structure materials to Toms River, residents. Allow us help with your project today!

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The residence Depot is situated at 1334 route 9, Toms River, This company specializes in home Repair & Improvement, building and construction Materials & Equipment and Home & Garden Retailers.

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The house Depot is your location for home innovation products and DIY project know-how. We are the world"s largest home development specialty retailer, with stores in all 50 states.

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