MCU: 10 times Nick rage Should have actually Contacted Captain Marvel Nick Fury and also Captain Marvel make for one tight MCU duo. So why walk he no beep the superhero for to conserve the day or assist out the Avengers?

2019"s Captain Marvel featured the origin story of among the MCU"s most an effective characters, and also the friendly escapades of Carol Danvers and also Nick Fury. Fury was crucial in Carol"s search to regain her memories and her fight against the Kree. Together, the duo forged a strong friendship, making the a puzzling selection on the spy"s instead of to neglect Carol"s pager until Avengers: Endgame.

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Carol demonstrated beneficial power when she repelled Ronan"s attack. The Avengers may have proved themselves as Earth"s Mightiest Heroes, yet even they can have used aid throughout your history. Below are 10 MCU moments wherein Fury should have contacted Captain Marvel.

Loki in The Avengers v scepter
Earth"s Mightiest Heroes faced their very first intergalactic hazard in the kind of Loki throughout The Avengers. Thor"s estranged brothers traveled to planet via the Tesseract. After utilizing the scepter come brainwash Hawkeye, the God that Mischief proceeded come steal the an are Stone and unleash war on Earth.

Loki to be a new danger that S.H.I.E.L.D. Was, in ~ the time, unprepared for. Fury need to have dubbed Captain Marvel as soon as the Tesseract ⁠— which offered Carol she powers ⁠— to be stolen.

Fury had actually plenty of methods to call Carol before the battle of new York. Earth challenged its best threat yet when Loki supplied the Tesseract to unleash the Chitauri, and the Avengers might have offered some more superpowered muscle.

The fight of brand-new York was instrumental in bringing with each other Captain America, steel Man, Hulk, Thor, black Widow, and also Hawkeye. If Captain Marvel had also been invite to the party, then the fight could have actually ended previously with fewer casualties.

Thor versus Destroyer
planet received its very first taste that Asgard"s strength in the first Thor film. In his pursuit for Odin"s throne, Loki sent out the Destroyer to kill his brothers in brand-new Mexico, endangering the stays of many innocent people.

This was S.H.I.E.L.D."s first indication that Asgard"s presence and also its power. Rather of do the efforts to construct weapons v the Tesseract, Fury might have dubbed Captain Marvel and asked her to return to protect her home planet.

7 Ultron"s Creation

The Avengers challenged their 2nd enemy with each other in Avengers: age Of Ultron. Tony distinct unleashed an even bigger danger than Loki, creating an angry robot the targeted the Avengers prior to trying to ruin the world.

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Earth"s Mightiest Heroes were much more outmatched by the team of Ultron, Quicksilver, and also Scarlet Witch. Fury should have contacted Captain Marvel as shortly as he found Ultron"s existence, an especially as he was produced by among the Avengers" primary members.

Fury had time to contact Captain Marvel for back-up before the final fight through Ultron. The superpowered robot proved solid enough to challenge the full pressure of the Avengers and ultimately damaged Sokovia, murdering innumerable innocent people.

Carol can have listed the team through much-needed strength and also support. She to be an unknown threat to Ultron, i m sorry would have awarded the Avengers the element of surprise. She presence can have saved Sokovia and the resides of thousands of people.

5 HYDRA almost Takes over The World

Captain America and Black Widow discover the truth around HYDRA"s reemergence in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The Nazi division is revealed to have actually survived civilization War II, infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D. During its start and scheming native the shadows transparent history.

HYDRA plotted to use the Helicarriers to kill thousands of people and also eliminate your most an effective enemies. Fury would have been wise to call Carol to aid combat this threat to humanity.

Another golden opportunity in Winter Soldier for fury to call Carol featured the director of S.H.I.E.L.D."s fake death. Rage was more vulnerable than ever while to run from HYDRA. Captain Marvel could have preserved him safe while help Steve, Sam, and Natasha take under the Nazi division.

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Fury would most likely not have actually wanted to bother Carol to request her solutions as a bodyguard. Regardless, she would certainly no doubt have actually returned to earth anyway to protect her friend.

3 Dark Elves invade Earth

planet faced one more intergalactic danger in Thor: The Dark World. The God the Thunder take it on the Dark Elves as soon as they test to usage the Aether to regain their former dominion. Several civilizations were captured in the crossfire, including Earth.

Malekith"s action wreaked havoc across the universe. Fury should have alerted Captain Marvel come the Dark Elves" presence and asked that she return to help Thor in his fight.

Captain America: civil War saw the Avengers torn apart and also scattered, through some leaving come pursue secret stays on the operation from the government. The Sokovia Accords put a strain on the team, causing a fight between friends and the implosion the Earth"s Mightiest Heroes.

The Avengers" lack left planet vulnerable come Thanos" assault in Avengers: Infinity War. Fury can have contacted Captain Marvel ~ Civil War and also asked the she stayed closer to her home until the Avengers were either rejoined or reformed.

1 Thanos" Spaceship shows up Over brand-new York

Infinity War began virtually immediately with the black Order"s strike on new York. Thanos" spaceship closeup of the door in on the city when Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian attempted come steal the Time rock from physician Strange. The spectacle recorded the attention of Spider-Man, who promptly left to join the fight.

Fury would have heard around the chaos in new York nearly instantly. Rather of waiting for the effects of the Snap, the previous Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Should have contacted Captain Marvel as quickly as he experienced Thanos" spaceship on TV. Carol can have returned to earth sooner and also helped defeat Thanos. Alternatively, she might have failed, leaving steel Man and Nebula stranded in Endgame.

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