Have you ever before wondered just how to to speak “again” in discoverhotmail.com? It might seem favor an insignificant word, yet when friend think about it, that conveys one idea that we usage a many in our day-to-day life.

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There are various ways to say “again” in discoverhotmail.com, and today we’ll view the most common ones—and especially using the discoverhotmail.com verb volver. We’ll discover the attributes of this word together an irregular stem-changing verb, and most importantly, we’ll examine the formula required to use this verb in express the idea the “again” in discoverhotmail.com.

By the end of this post, you will

know how to say “again” in discoverhotmail.com in three various waysknow more about rarely often rare verbsunderstand much far better why the discoverhotmail.com verb volver behaves the method it go


Different means to to speak “Again” in discoverhotmail.com


There are various ways to say “again” in discoverhotmail.com, and although fine be concentrating in among them throughout this post, let’s take a rapid look in ~ the others:

Otra Vez

The literal meaning translation of otra vez is “another time,” yet you can use it as an adverb in finish sentences come convey the meaning of “again” in discoverhotmail.com.

Traje el libro equivocado otra vez.I carried the wrong publication again.

Mi hermano metió un gol otra vez.My brother scored a goal again.

Reprobé el examen otra vez.I fail the test again.

De Nuevo

Another common method to say “again” in discoverhotmail.com is using de nuevo. Literally meaning “of new” or “anew,” de nuevo is a bit much more formal 보다 otra vez.

Se me olvidó hacer la tarea de nuevo.I forgot to carry out the homework again.

Llegas tarde de nuevo.You’re so late again.

De nuevo olvidaste mi cumpleaños.You forgot my birthday again.

Volver a

The third way to say “again” in discoverhotmail.com requires the verb volver. We’ll analyze this verb in detail in a moment, however for currently let’s just include a famous example from the song “Por Volverte a Ver” through Dyango:

Hoy daría cualquier cosa por volverte a ver.Today, i would give anything to check out you again.

The rarely often rare Verb Volver

Before using volver together a method of speak “again” in discoverhotmail.com, let’s research this verb more closely.

Meaning(s) the the Verb Volver

The discoverhotmail.com verb volver way “to return,” or “to walk back.” This definition may or might not be adhered to by the preposition a (to).

Vuelve a casa temprano.Come back home early.

Volvieron muy contentos del cine.You came back so happy indigenous the movies.

However, as soon as volver is followed by the preposition a (to) and also a verb in its prototype form, it means “again” in discoverhotmail.com.

Volvimos a perder.We shed again.

Volvemos a encontrarnos.We accomplish again.

Keep this formula in mind, together we’ll come ago to the later.

Volver: An irregular Stem-Changing Verb

Besides being the title of among the most well known discoverhotmail.com movies of every time, volver is additionally an rarely often rare stem-changing verb. Once conjugated, most times the –o native its stem transforms to -ue as soon as stressed.

Let’s see this in the current of indicative:

Yo vuelvoTú vuelvesÉl/ella vuelveNosotros volvemosUstedes vuelvenEllos/ellas vuelven

Volver: one Irregular previous Participle Verb

Finally, volver likewise has an irregular past participle. Previous participles are useful non-conjugated develops of verb that have the right to be provided as adjective or with various other verbs.

The past participle of volver is vuelto, as you can see in all its link tenses conjugations.

Let’s see exactly how it works in the existing perfect:

Yo he vueltoTú has actually vueltoÉl/ella ha vueltoNosotros hemos vueltoUstedes han vueltoEllos/ellas han vuelto

Using the Verb Volver come Say “Again” in discoverhotmail.com

As said before, one of the definitions of volver is “again” in discoverhotmail.com. Let’s focus now on this definition and exactly how you deserve to use volver in this way.

Volver + a + Infinitive

We mentioned before that once volver is adhered to by the preposition a (to) and also a verb in infinitive it conveys the same definition as “again” in discoverhotmail.com. Let’s put this right into an easy-ro-remember formula:

volver + a + infinitive = again in discoverhotmail.com

Remember the discoverhotmail.com verb in infinitive always have one of the following endings: -ar, -er, ir.

volver a cantar = to authorize again

volver a venir = to come again

volver a correr = to run again

Knowing this, you deserve to use this formula come say again in discoverhotmail.com in every imaginable circumstance:

Ayer volví a leer “El Principito.”Yesterday, I review “The tiny Prince” again.

¿Mañana volverás a venir?Will friend come again tomorrow?

Carlos volvió a perder sus anteojos.Carlos lost his glasses again.

El real Madrid volvió a ganar la champion League.Real Madrid winner the Champions league again.

Ayer tuve que volver a ir al hospital.Yesterday, I had actually to go to the hospital again.

Now, let’s take it a look at how you deserve to express these very same sentences with any of the other means to say “again” in discoverhotmail.com:

Ayer leí “El Principito” otra vez.Yesterday, I review “The tiny Prince” again.

¿Vendrás mañana de nuevo?Will girlfriend come tomorrow again?

Carlos perdió sus anteojos otra vez.Carlos shed his glasses again.

El real Madrid ganó la Champions organization de nuevo.Real Madrid won the Champions organization again.

Ayer tuve que ir al hospital otra vez.Yesterday, I had actually to walk to the hospital again.

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As you have the right to see, the translations in English don’t change at all, since the idea to express in discoverhotmail.com is specifically the same, even when ns used various ways come say “again” in discoverhotmail.com. This way that you have the right to express the exact same idea in any of these three ways, and also it would certainly make no difference at all.

Es Hora de Volver a Hablar Español

“It’s time to speak discoverhotmail.com again.” now you’re an professional in speak “again” in discoverhotmail.com in various ways, and also specifically using the valuable verb volver. In your quest to speak discoverhotmail.com regularly, you’ll want to sign up because that a free trial class with one of our certified discoverhotmail.com-speaking teachers from Guatemala whereby tú vuelves a hablar español today!