I was analysis the object below and also know my children love these since they are served at ours school, however after ns bought them, I review that lock are finest used in ~ 8-10 hours after they space thawed. If i take lock in mine cooler, will they gain all mushy after the amount that time? If no one knows, i guess ns will have to experiment.

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Well, they"re simply peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Exactly how long would you enable a homemade one come sit? I"d say overnight in the refrigerator, a pair hours top top the counter. No more. Ns wouldn"t take it a possibility on someone getting sick top top vacation.
Yeah, i realized what lock were. I am not worried about anyone acquiring sick from having actually them in the cooler for number of days, simply as I would not be concerned about the peanut butter, jelly or bread because that that size of time, however mostly interested in even if it is they will obtain soggy and unappetizing.

Good Luck! my 3 children ate the entirety box that 10 last weekend. Castle don"t also let lock thaw every the way, lot less obtain soggy. I"d have to hide one under some eco-friendly beans or something!

What about 40 yr old youngsters that love them?Probably would certainly eat them frozen in mine sleep if the freezer wasn"t locked http://www.marketday.com/productimages/8844.jpg
A spending plan tip...The Pamered cook sells a product referred to as The cut n Seal for about $9. We use it to make our PB&J and also they are exactly like uncrustables yet waaaayyy cheaper due to the fact that we do them ourselves. It"s a round steel cutter that crimps and also seals the edges. You can additionally use it come make various other things the course, prefer mini pizza pockets, tuna salad sandwiches, usage pie dough and cherry filling....We use ours daily to do the sandwiches though. Robin
There was another thread that stated the tool and I"m sure it conserves money in the long run. We are simply looking come be fully lazy and also decadent on our vacations and pay the $.50 every ($4.98 for crate of 10 at my WalMart) no to have to pull the end the bread, peanut butter, jelly, knife (and tool). Ns figure also if they cost more than making my own, they"re a lot cheaper than buying pb&j in ~ a restaurant, or eating the end somewhere also fancier!
Almost forgot to write-up the outcomes of our experiment! Left an Uncrustable top top the kitchen counter, wrapped, for several days (almost a week, ns think) and then DD ate it. The wasn"t soggy. However, the edges were a small hardened. (I would have expected soggy.) DD shrugged and also said it was "fine".

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Hey, thanks Mickey1928! ns haven"t bought any an ext since my children devoured ours box, but now perhaps I will for the trip. They will be save on computer in the cooler (hidden under something?)
I think this thread had long to be abandoned, yet ran throughout it today because of my concern of a whole big box the uncrustables left in the frig...Wondering around the person that left one on the counter for days...and then ate it just to discover out if it was going to it is in soggy...then mine perspective was regained once I read thishttps://www.google.com/amp/s/deadspin.com/taste-test-uncrustables-what-does-the-crustless-pb-j-510613889/amp"...empty handed in your quest to define the Uncrustable"s existence... It"s four hundred much more times inconvenient than a regular PB&J and also tastes no better... Have the right to it yes, really be together the name argues a absence of crust?... We"d quite wait a half an hour for a frozen Wonder Bread ravioli...to thaw... Than invest an extra 4 seconds hacking the crust turn off a friggin" homemade sandwich..."baahaahaa. I"m putting the box earlier in the freezer and also not providing it another thought.