If you only have actually regular accessibility to a few PokéStops, a potential Pokémon Go update could slightly affect your ability to pat the game.

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Silph road user issiech posted some observations about a change in exactly how long the takes PokéStops to recharge to the Pokémon Go pan community. If the observations are correct, the change could be slowing down play for anyone who doesn"t have plenty of PokéStops to spin for supplies.


A PokéStop in Pokémon Go. If you don"t have accessibility to them, you"re sort of screwed if you desire to beat Pokémon Go.discoverhotmail.com/Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go Update Notes: Why PokéStop refresh timing is therefore important

Issiech just reports three dimensions in his post, i beg your pardon obviously is not sufficient to basic an argument on. However, the findings suggest that second 30 seconds has been added on to PokéStop refresh times.

Every time friend spin a PokéStop for items, it i do not care unavailable to you till it have the right to recharge. As soon as a PokéStop is blue, that is accessible to spin. The PokéStop then transforms pink, and slowly fades back to blue once it"s refreshed and may be spun again because that supplies.

Typically, the recharge time has been 5 minutes. However, it looks like this can be changing for the worse.

Pokémon Go Update Notes: PokéStop timing monitorings are quiet anecdotal

Issiech"s results may be much from scientific, but other Silph road trainers room investigating and also reporting similar results.

"I i found it this earlier too," wrote Redditor HylianGlaceon. "Normally once I do my walking path I barely make it over time for the first one come refresh due to how they space spread out. Currently I"m at the very first one before it refreshes and standing about for a good 20+ seconds each cycle. I guess Niantic can"t do good changes."

"You understand what?" wrote another Redditor. "I noticed this too yesterday. Taking slightly much longer for pokestops to reset. I thought I to be walking faster."

Again, these reports room purely anecdotal, yet they"re worth investigating if you just have accessibility to a few PokéStops and your time come play is an extremely limited. If you walk a continuous route, pay attention to whether or no it seems favor PokéStops are taking much longer to refresh. If castle do, you may need to readjust your route.

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