If you’re analysis this, you most likely just gained a vehicle. To that, us say congratulations! After every the registration paperwork is finished, you’re likely wondering exactly how long till the license plates come in. We’ve researched to discover the length of time, so you know exactly how long you might have to wait.

The precise wait time varies per state, but you usually should only need to wait in between two to 3 weeks.

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If friend still haven’t got them ~ 30 days, reach the end to your neighborhood DMV to obtain a condition report on your license plate delivery or inquiry an extension on the short-term ones.

Today, we’ll explain how car registration works, exactly how long the a wait it deserve to be in particular states, and also more. Proceed reading to discover all around it.


Length of Time to receive Your license Plate

As stated before, the exact wait time for your license plate depends on the state she registering in. 3 weeks might be the median wait time, yet some states hand girlfriend the key the very same day friend pay because that registration. Here are the exact wait time for details states.


If you’re acquiring the automobile registered without already having a license plate from a seller, you require to apply for a temporary license plate. Law so needs your driver’s license, insurance, title, inspection, and also an application for a momentary registration (labeled as MV-351). Walk to your regional DMV or authorized PennDOT basic to finish the paperwork.

These temporary plates are valid because that 90 days. During that time, your irreversible license plates must come in the letter in eight to ten weeks. This applies to custom license plates together well. If they nothing arrive through then, contact your DMV again to solve the issue.


If the vehicle is purchased from the dealership, you will do it be offered temporary patent plates that space valid for 90 days. Otherwise, you acquire them indigenous the DMV. The wait time because that the main license plates is two weeks to a month.

Make sure to continue to be in interaction with the dealer and also the DMV. Specific laws do obtaining your patent plate a hassleand can financially hurt friend in the long run.


According come the Texas DMV, a dealer is responsible for handling the title and also registration. If you haven’t got your license plates in the mail in ~ 30 work (or 45 if the auto was financed), friend can record a dealer complaint.

If your short-term tags expire soon, purchase a short-lived permit. A dealer complaint have the right to take increase to 3 weeks because that the examination to complete.


Buyers who bought their vehicle from the dealership won’t have to do much after payment the crucial fees. The dealership is required by law to transport the title and also registration plates to you in ~ 30 days. Store in touch v them come ensure they execute so. In the meantime, you’ll have the ability to drive v the 30-day momentary license plate they market you.

If friend bought the vehicle from a private seller, climate you’ll have to visit a local business center to complete the paperwork and registration.

What if ns Ordered custom License Plates?

If you determined to acquire personalized patent plates rather of regular ones, you’d be waiting a little longer. Store in mind that if girlfriend ordered custom license plates because that a vehicle you just acquired, you’re walk to need to renew her registration. It’ll expire by the moment the custom license bowl are prepared to choose up.

Depending top top the state, the wait deserve to be as brief as 6 weeks come as long as 12 weeks. Make certain that every little thing customization you’re obtaining is accessible or allowed. Configuring the patent plate come something similar to an already issued license plate or something offensive will hold-up the wait time even longer.

How long Does a brand-new Car require to Register?

The procedure to register your vehicle isn’t long at all. However, it’s only fast if you have all of the documentation you need for the process. For a smooth transition, have actually the complying with ready:

Title: legal proof that you’re the brand-new owner of the vehicleUp-to-date inspections: the car must pass your state’s investigate requirements and also emission levelsValid ID: a driver’s patent or government-issued IDA completed automobile registration formProof of precious insuranceProof of residency: a bill with your name and deal with matching your ID is fineForm of payment: you won’t be able to pay in cash. You will do it most most likely need come pay utilizing checks or money orders. Part DMVs may let you pay making use of a credit or debit card.

Can I register My vehicle Online?

Some states enable you to perform the entire procedure from the lull of your home. Instance states encompass Texas, California, new York, and Arizona. You need to submit every necessary files electronically. However, various other states will require you to send some, if not all, the the documentation in person.

If you complete the procedure online, you will get all crucial paperwork in the mail. Monitor up with your DMV to see exactly how long that takes to arrive.

Do automobile Dealerships register Your vehicle For You?

In part cases, the vehicle dealership will be able to handle the paperwork for registration. Every the fees you’d commonly pay because that doing it you yourself are contained in the full sale price. Follow to Edmunds, the automobile buying process can take an mean of over three hrs to get in the door, negotiate, fill out the paperwork, and drive off.

You should have all of the documentation listed above to make the procedure go smoothly. If you trading in a vehicle, you’ll likewise want to bring the existing title and also registration from the vehicle. Payments can be made v a examine or with an auto loan from your bank. Credit transaction cards will not be embraced except for under payments v a limit determined by the dealer.

Note that you’ll have to handle the registration you yourself if she purchasing the vehicle from a different state. The dealer will administer a short-lived permit for this reason you deserve to drive to her DMV without obtaining a ticket.

For a much more detailed guide to dealership auto registration, check out our other post.

Can girlfriend Spray repaint Your patent Plate?

In virtually every state, that illegal come make any type of alterations come the initial license plate. The initial license key is make to be scanned electronically when going v a toll, because that example. It’s also made through reflective material.

If you thinking around spray painting your patent plate to touch up some faded colors, you’re better off replacing the bowl altogether. Spray paint it (or doing any kind of other alteration) will certainly hinder that scannability. That will certainly lead to feasible legal problem while ~ above the road.

Does PhotoBlocker license Plate Spray really Work?

PhotoBlocker license Plate Spray is helpful for unintentionally to run red lights that were still yellow when approaching the intersection. It’s meant to do the plate reflective, for this reason a red irradiate camera gets blinded by its flash.

The spray’s efficiency is an extremely situational, however. Because that example, some intersections have actually red light cameras angled differently. In product testimonial tests, customers reported the the camera could still capture a legible photo of the license plate. The state you’re in matters, too; you can have success if your state offers you bright-colored license plates to an increase the reflectiveness.

Overall, we urge you to avoid running red lights and to sluggish down at yellow lights as much as possible.

In Closing

Hopefully, this post gave girlfriend the info you need to gain your patent plates in a reasonable time. No matter where you purchase your vehicle, ensure you continue to be in contact with the dealership and also the DMV. That way, you won’t operation into any hiccups with receiving the essential documentation.

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Additionally, don’t forget about the tags that go on the license plates, either. They’re just as vital to have. Read our post explaining what car tags are and how to store up v them.