The recent Overwatch comic Reflections has everyone talking about Tracer's girlfriend to McCree passed the end at a bar, to Widowmaker standing at a gravestone. One heartwarming event from Reflections that is starting to gain some traction is that Torbjorn or Reinhardt appears to have quite a couple of children the he phone call his own.

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The PlayOverwatch Twitter account responded to a fan asking that the kids gathered about Reinhardt reading a book belong to. 

PlayOverwatch Whose youngsters are those? Torb's, Rein's or Brigitte's?

— Detta strikes again (

So it looks like Torbjorn has made himself quite the clan.

Now it is not specified if these youngsters are his actually children or his grandchildren, as the many logical point to think would be that these are grandchildren as many of them are all rather young.

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As we understand though the Overwatch universe doesn't pat by logic and also it is no out the the kingdom of opportunity that this youngsters are all the sons and also daughters that Torbjorn. 

I am glad to watch though that the cheery old timer has actually a giant household to invest time v though.


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