Hockey pucks space a commodity in the video game of hockey. You see them everywhere- football player shooting lock as difficult as lock can, fans watching lock fly over the boards, or sit on a mantle, signed by your favorite player. Pucks are vital piece of the video game we love, however how much do we know about them?

If you’re prefer me, you have never taken the moment to recognize the history of the hockey puck or exactly how hockey pucks are actually made. Yes, they room made that rubber, however how perform they gain to their final round shape?

We will go through 12 points you should know about hockey pucks.

How much do Hockey Pucks Weigh?

The standard NHL game hockey puck weighs 6 oz.

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They room black through the team’s logo on one side, and the NHL logo design on the other. Periodically the NHL will certainly make pucks particularly for matchups, and print the logos the both teams on the same side.

Here is an instance of the prior and earlier of an Edmonton Oilers video game puck.


Other pucks you have the right to buy are produced training purposes or younger period groups. For kids that have trouble managing the regulation weight puck, 4 oz. Pucks are supplied for training and games. Friend will watch them fancy blue to determine a lighter puck.

Regulation hockey pucks are 1 inch (25 mm) thick and 3 customs (76 mm) in diameter.

What are Hockey Pucks make of?

Hockey pucks room made of rubber. The sophisticated term because that the form of rubber is vulcanized rubber. All this really method is heating up the rubber very hot and then that is put into a form to create a hockey puck.

Here is a video clip from Sher-Wood Inglasco on exactly how hockey pucks are made from begin to finish.

Any puck the gets supplied in one NHL game, must be authorized by the NHL league office.

Do Hockey Pucks Hurt?

The game of hockey is a turbulent sport. Through all the other elements players must protect themselves from, one the is comes at the really quick is the puck. Evade castle at all cost- pucks belong on her blade tower or the ago of the net!

Yes. Pucks hurt. castle look innocent and feel light, yet from an individual experience, they will certainly leave a mark. All hockey players will certainly tell you countless stories about getting fight in various places and the clues the puck left in the path. Ns took an innocent wrist shot come the shin without padding, and it sent me come the ice cream immediately and also left a bruise that lasted end a month.

Even with modern-day technology, pucks tho cripple a player blocking a shooting on the ice. You check out it all the moment in the NHL.

With every the equipment goalies wear, they usually acquire off scot-free from any battle wounds indigenous a puck. Through goalie pads just a couple of inches, they deserve to stop a puck comes 100+ mph and also barely feel it.

Even v the extra netting approximately the glass, fans have been fight the pucks flying the end of the rink. The is an extremely sad come see however further proves pucks deserve to do a most damage.

How lot do Hockey Pucks Cost?

One thing that is helpful around puck is they are really cheap. Through the variety of hockey pucks players walk through, the is no wonder the factories are making hundreds of thousands that pucks every single year.

Hockey pucks expense $1.50 for a regulation, 6 oz. Black color puck. You have the right to find an example on Pure Hockey’s website by click here.

If girlfriend shop top top Alibaba or another foreign website, friend can obtain them for $.50 apiece, yet you never recognize what sort of product you are going to get. I have ordered from their website and also was no impressed with the quality I received.

Like many products, if you buy in bulk, the price will certainly decrease. Mean to pay approximately $1.00- $1.30 for buying in bulk. There are numerous different type of pucks. Weighted maintain pucks, lighter youth pucks, goalie exercise pucks, etc. That will cost much more than the standard dimension black puck.

Pure Hockey, together an example, has actually prices for many of those pucks on your website. Many of this pucks will not price you an ext than $10.00 apiece.

You can buy hockey pucks at any kind of sporting an excellent store or the beloved Amazon. Dicks Sporting Goods, Academy, or if you are in Canada, sport Chek.

What is the history of Hockey Pucks?

In the late 1800s, hockey teams would use 2 different kinds the ‘pucks.’ They would either use wood cut into the form of a flat disc or reduced a rubber ball until it to be flat enough to on slide on the ice. The initial shape to be square, no round.

There space 2 groups that are credited with utilizing the an initial puck, back hitting one object earlier and soon on the ice has actually been approximately for a few years. The very first recorded game of hockey in phibìc America to be either the Montreal Victorias or mc glitter University., hence they acquire the credit for utilizing the very first hockey puck.

In the late 1870s, the Montreal Victorias are attributed with utilizing the an initial round puck. This form is the one hockey players use today. In Europe, the story goes the players would discover a ball, and not air it up every the way for a puck. This would enable the round to slide much more on the ice rather than roll.

Today, Inglasco Inc. Makes the official video game puck. In 1980, the firm signed the an initial exclusive contract with the NHL.

Since all pucks are the very same weight and dimensions, numerous brands deserve to make the same puck, but Ingslaco is the company that has the contract to it is provided the NHL v their game pucks. You can discover their website here. They room headquartered in Quebec in Canada and produce pucks because that the NHL, AHL, ECHL, and the Canadian and also USA nationwide Hockey Teams.

Although Inglasco produces the official NHL puck, there space manufacturers throughout the human being pumping out hundreds of pucks. Since pucks space so common, over there are plenty of countries the make pucks every year.

Do they freeze Hockey Pucks?

If you have ever watched a hockey game and saw football player or public official pulling a hockey puck out of a cooler, you can wonder what they are doing.

Think about tennis or lacrosse and also how much those balls bounce. Because the pucks room made of similar rubber, they have a tendency to bounce. The object of the puck is come slide, not to bounce, therefore the organization came up v chilling the pucks to do them harder. At the AHL and also NHL levels, all hockey pucks are frozen prior to games.

If you execute not freeze the pucks, the puck will be noticeably much more bouncy. From a player’s perspective, that is harder to regulate when the puck hits your stick or releasing the puck towards its next destination. As soon as you get the pass, you want the puck come stick to her blade, not bounce ideal off. Freezing the pucks aid the pucks slide across the ice and also have much less bounce as soon as they come into call with one object.

Even in reduced leagues, you will certainly see groups freeze pucks to boost play on the ice, but at the AHL and NHL level, the is mandatory. Castle are retained in a tiny cooler in one of the penalty boxes in ~ 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Officials throughout the game will screen the temperature of the puck. If a brand-new one is needed, the linesman will skate end to the box and grab one more one. This is likewise why officials will certainly leave the puck on the ice throughout the game, maintaining it the end of their hands as lot as possible.

When a puck it s okay to 25 degrees Fahrenheit, the refs will eliminate the puck and replace it through a frozen one. This is enforcement at ref’s discretion, as they carry out not have actually a thermometer that will measure the temperature because that them. They have officiated hundreds come thousands of games by the moment they obtain to the peak levels, so they have actually a great feel for the pucks.

The NHL has even experimented with spanning the pucks through a shade coating formula that transforms to clear once the puck is above freezing and also needs to it is in replaced. This no a rule, yet the NHL has actually been known to test it in specific games, mainly the outdoor people they hold every year.

How fast do Hockey Pucks Go?

Hockey pucks walk as quick as the players can shoot it. In the NHL and other height leagues approximately the world, football player slap shots have actually been taped north that 100 mph. most NHL players slap shot is the 90 mph range, v the upstream shots over the 3 figure mark. A optimal tier women’s player have the right to shoot the puck 80 mph.

Hockey Puck Nickname

One that the an initial terms used to describe a hockey puck was ‘flat ball.’ because hockey pucks were formed by cutting under a rubber ball right into a much more flat, square piece, they adopted the name level ball.

Another typical term supplied for a puck is ‘biscuit.’ Hockey players will use the phrase ‘I placed the biscuit in the basket’ to describe scoring a goal.

How countless Pucks are provided in a Game?

Because hockey pucks space made of really light rubber, they get damaged very easily as soon as a full-grown man or woman leans right into a slap shot, exerting all your strength right into the puck.

Per the NHL, 40-45 pucks are offered for each game. that is a lot of pucks. Some gamings will use much less than 40, it just depends top top what walk on in that game.

Many factors, as we discussed earlier, get in switching out the pucks. If the puck i do not care to warm, it goes earlier into the cooler to gain frozen. If an main sees a puck is damaged, they will certainly switch it the end for a new one. If the puck renders its method to the stands, the a souvenir and they grab another one.

As girlfriend move into lower levels, puck rules become less important. As long as the puck is not damaged, they will certainly reuse pucks as lot as possible. Also, freezing the pucks is not vital piece that puck management exterior the skilled leagues.

Why are Hockey Pucks Black?

Hockey pucks are black because that a pair of reasons. The rubber supplied to produce the pucks is naturally black. Producer can readjust the color of the puck if needed, but it is simplest to keep them black.

Conveniently so, black is the easiest shade for everyone to check out on the ice. due to the fact that the game moves for this reason quickly and also the puck is so small, black color is the perfect shade for fans and also players alike to monitor what is walk on. Black renders it simple for officials to notice if the puck the cross the goal line totally or not. V cameras hovering over the goal heat in the contemporary game, over there is no discrepancy ~ above the puck crossing end the heat completely.

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Goalies room not allowed to have black tape on their sticks, as this would certainly interfere through the officials’ site of score or no goal.

What is a Roller Hockey Puck?

The main roller hockey game puck is make by Mylec. You can find it top top Amazon here. You can discover it in 3 various colors and weighs around 3.8 oz.