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What is the current thought on frequency of changing fuel filters? I am the original owner of a 2011 F350. Currently about 85,000 miles. Thanks.

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Manual says every 22,500 miles or when information center tells you . That is under normal usage. I do mine at those intervals. The truck has only shown the "change fuel filter soon " once in 100,000 miles with my 2011. I haven"t had to change it yet on my 2016. Hope that helps.

As critical as they both are, especially with the fuel/water issue being so important, I change mine about every 12,000. I wait for my dealer to include them on my email maintenance specials and take advantage of the deal.
Driver"s Manual should be the first place to look for such information.However, I have seen many people saying driver"s manual doesn"t say anything about it at all.General practice among owners is to change in every 20,000-30,000 miles.Surprisingly, I read somewhere once,that Toyota doesn"t recommend changing them at all.Not sure why.Better you can call the Customer Service and ask directly.

I do mine every other oil change. That is 10k miles for me.Filters and oil are cheap compared to some of the repair costs.
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I will add that whatever the mileage is-once a year is on my list-I don"t care if the truck"s only been driven 7500 miles-still changing it late in the fall!
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Stick with annual at least. I just changed mine out, low miles but long time. There was sediment on the frame mounted filter. The bulk of my fuel comes from an above ground tank with with it"s on filter.
I follow the truck manual guidelines. But sometimes change sooner than later.Most important for me is to drain fuel from frame filter bowl, collect fuel in clear glass, inspect fuel for contamination. Do this frequently, every month. And buy fuel from stations I hoping trust.I don"t drive often (5 yrs and 62k miles so far). And visit Ford web or Sync site, record fuel check in my truck maintenance data. Keeps my record and Ford folks honest if they question any maintenance records of this vehicle.Stopped at a out of state station, seen tanker truck getting ready to dump fuel in tanks. I asked if he dumping diesel, told me not yet, doing gasoline at the moment, but will wait on diesel dump till I fueled up. Clearly he knew why I asked. Thanks.

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I change the oil when the Command center Oil life indicator shows. Which is about every 7500 miles. Fuel and Air filters ever other oil change. So about every 15,000 miles
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like said above, with the water and fuel issues and Diesel pumps around me not moving much diesel, i drain the frame filter once a month, and change filters every 10k miles....cross my fingers..never thought i would say this, but i dont want to sell my 6.0
I have always changed my oil every 5K miles and the fuel filters at 15K. Mine get a pretty good work out in warm to hot weather grossing at 25.5K. I drain the bottom fuel filter at every oil change. There is usually nothing but fuel in there. I guess I get good fuel most of the time. I predominantly purchase at local QT"s or truck stops while towing the RV. The filters can be had online for pretty good prices. I run WIX filters.
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