Hey males today will take about Jayla Vlach. She is one American Youtuber and the entirety family is a YouTuber your youtube channel name is SmellyBellyTV so you should be confirm out. They make generally Vlogs because that Entertainment.

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Jayla Vlach is the very youngest YouTuber and her YouTube channel surname is It’sJustJayJay. Wherein she has actually 950k plus Subscribers and her family main channel SmellyBellyTV has more than 3.5 Million to add subscribers.

Her main work is YouTubing to make vlogs video clip and Share with their audiences. Jayla Vlach is a really humble and kind-hearted girl. This is one introduction component so we will certainly discuss more about Jayla Vlach prefer her age, height, she is solitary or in relation, she career and education so remain tuned.

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Source: Instagram
InstagramJayla Vlach
Main family Youtube channelSmellyBellyTV

Jayla Vlach Facts and also Favorite Things

She is a good Swimmer.she choose ice-cream.She has a dog surname Enzo and also a pet cat and also a pet rat.Her favourite colour is yellow.Her favourite Clothing/Dress brand is Urban Outfitters.

Frequently request Questions

Q1. What is Jayla Vlach Age?

Ans:- Jayla Vlach day of birth is 24 may 2005 so rightnow her Age is 15 year old.

Q2. Exactly how much does Jayla Vlach weigh?

Ans:- Jayla Vlach weight is 52kg.

Q3. What go Jesse Vlach do for a living?

Ans:- Jesse Vlach is the father of Jayla Vlach and he is a youtuber. He’s totality family is a Youtuber and also their main youtube channel is SmellybellyTV and YouTube is the major source the earning for your living.

Q4. Who is Jesse Vlach?

Ans:- Jesse Vlach is the father of Jayla Vlach.

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he is a Musician, society media Personality and also content creator who recognize for the renowned youtube channel SmellyBellyTV.