Leonidas so Cool is a society media personality, best known for appearing on his stepfather’s YouTube channel, ‘CJ for this reason COOL.’ some of the videos in which Leonidas has showed up have unable to do on come collect much more than a million views, in order to contributing come the total variety of views on the family members YouTube channel. Many thanks to the support noted by Leonidas and also the remainder of the family members members, CJ’s channel has now accumulated an ext than 5 million subscribers and also over 846 million views from every its videos. One of the videos, title ‘Destroyed mine Son’s playstations Prank,’ which features Leonidas is one of the most viewed videos on CJ’s channel. With much more than 10 million see so far, the video clip also attributes Leonidas’ siblings.

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Leonidas to be born on in march 19, 2009, in the United says of America. He was exposed come the glitz and glamor of society media at a very young period as both his parents had actually started your journey towards social media stardom at the moment of his birth.
His stepfather Cordero James Brady, best known by his pseudonym CJ for this reason Cool, was in connection with Leonidas’ mother Charlene ‘Royalty’ Johnson because that a lengthy time. After your wedding, Leonidas began living through his mother and also stepfather.
Since both his parents were associated in society media through one means or another, Leonidas easily got accustomed come life online. His stepfather Cordero produced his YouTube channel in December 2014, when Leonidas was 5 years old.
Since then, Leonidas has showed up in a number of videos and most the them have gone on come gather much more than a million see each. Also, that has appeared in different kinds that videos varying from pranks come makeover videos.
Some that the most viewed videos that function Leonidas room titled as ‘Pencil stuck In mine Eye Prank,’ ‘The for this reason Cool Family day-to-day Routine,’ ‘Gave mine Son an extreme Makeover,’ ‘Father & kid Basketball Time Courtside v Lonzo sphere & The Lakers,’ ‘I offered Leonidas $9000 because that His 9th Birthday,’ ‘Happy date of birth Son,’ and also ‘Finally adjusted My child Hair & gained A surprise In The Mail.’
Apart from showing up on his stepfather’s YouTube channel, Leonidas additionally features top top CJ’s main Instagram page, which has more than 1.8 million followers. CJ often short articles Leonidas’ photographs and video clips ~ above his Instagram page, which has increased Leonidas’ popularity end the years.
Leonidas and also his siblings have their very own Instagram page, which has an ext than 181,000 followers. Leonidas provides this Instagram account to present off his latest hairstyle and to store his fans and also followers updated about the current happenings in his life.
Leonidas was born come Charlene Johnson from she previous relationship. He was raised by his stepfather Cordero James Brady, that takes care of him prefer his own son. Leonidas currently lives in ras Vegas, Nevada, in addition to his parents, sisters, and also half-sister.
He is close to his sisters J’aaliyah and Karnation, and also spends a the majority of time v them. The is also close come his half-sister Camari, who was born to Cordero indigenous a previous relationship of his. Leonidas loves spending time v his family and also they all often appear together on their YouTube channel.

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Leonidas has begun to monitor in his stepfather’s footsteps, which is quite evident from few of his recent photographs, post on the kids’ Instagram page. That is regularly seen mimicking his stepfather’s gestures and also has also started dressing choose him.