It had been a couple of days due to the fact that the incident in between Noodle and 2D, and the young Japanese mrs noticed that something odd to be going on v 2D. He seemed nervous ~ above a regular basis, but she couldn't figure out why.

Gorillaz had a concert come prepare because that this weekend. Russel was banging far on his drums, and also Noodle was at this time practicing she back-up vocals because that the track "19-2000". Sure, she no longer had actually her cute ten year old voice anymore, however Noodle to be still able to pull turn off the text amazingly.

"Here friend go! obtain the cool, obtain the cool shoeshine. Obtain the cool, obtain the cool sh--" A knock to her door interrupted the rehearsal session.

With an irritated sigh, the young woman paused the music, walking over in the direction of the door. As soon as she opened it, she noticed with slight shock the it was 2D. "Oh! 2D..."

"Hey, Noods! I require your help with this," that said, motioning to the loosened tie about his neck.

Snorting in amusement, Noodle adjusting his tie, tightening the in place. "There! Why room you gaining dressed up?"

2D shrugged. "Blimey hell if ns know. Murdoc tol' me to, however I don't understand why. Yet thank ya Noods!"

The back-up vocalist smiled. "Dōitashimashite! let me understand if girlfriend need aid with anything else."

Nodding gratefully, 2D turned to walk out of her room. "By the way, you still sound really cute once ya sing that song."

Closing the door behind 2D, Noodle slid under her door, a glowing blush coating she cheeks. A large, dorky smile additionally appeared.

He likes my singing voice!

Giggling to herself, the Japanese girl walked back over towards her music player, switching she CD out with an additional one, she favorite track that the band has done. Factor being: it was, perhaps, the just song she can officially say the she sung the key vocals in.

Walking over in the direction of her shelves that CDs, she got the one through the music to her song, "DARE". A slight smirk make its means upon her face as she remembered shooting the music video for it. Noodle was approximately thirteen at the time, and she to be excited to show off her occurring hips that puberty gifted her.

As soon as the music began to play, the familiar rhythm of she dance number the went in addition to it returned. Her hips started to sway, and also her human body jumped around.

"You've acquired to press it top top you! You simply think it. That's what you do, baby. Hold it down, dare."

Her dancing became completely natural to her, and she felt as if she had traveled earlier in time come the shoot of her music video.

"Jump with them all and move it. Jump ago and forth. And also feel prefer you to be there yourself. Work it out."

She got hold of her little keyboard, the very same one the she used throughout the video thirteen years ago. It surprisingly still worked. She butt began to unknowingly shake come the rhythm, and her hips swayed with a cheater edge. She fully-developed human body made the run number no as cute together before, but more sensual. However, Noodle never ever noticed her maturity. She was still the band's adorable ten year old, in she eyes the is.

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After the song, she breathed heavily, not usage to the extreme dancing together she once was. 2 sets the clapping were heard native the direction of she bedroom door. Transforming around, she noticed Murdoc, Russel, and also 2D standing just external her room. The door to be somehow open--either by among them, or she didn't nearby it all the way.

While Murdoc and also Russel were clapping, 2D stood over there frozen, his cheeks bleeding red. He appeared to be covering half his human body for part reason, yet Noodle never ever questioned everyone or anything.

"That to be one rad performance there, Noodle. Ya still obtained it bloody good," Murdoc praised her.

"'cept yer dancin' ain't chaste anymore, best 2D?" Russel teased the blue top man, laughing as soon as he i found it the command singer gulp.

Noodle blushed lightly, crossing she arms in irritation. "Baka! ns cannot assist my adult look!"

Murdoc chuckled in ~ that, summary eyeing Noodle. The glanced end at 2D. "Well, ole sap. Time come make sure you're all set for a smashin' time tonight!"

"Do i really haff to, Murdoc? We have actually a concert ta acquire ready for!" 2D whined out.

The earliest band member chuckled through his usual deep, raspy tone. "Of bloody course ya do! Ya haven't gone the end to quit in years, and also I'm gonna readjust that tonight."

Noodles eye widened at the statement. Did the mean--?

No...please perform not let that be...

2D glared at Murdoc. "I'm fine on my own. Ns don't need a blind date, Murdoc! i can discover a woman on my own, thank you!"

"I believed you had a point for ole Noodle over there, however I guess ns was wrong," Murdoc shrugged, "So, I'm setup ya up until you discover a mrs of her taste."

2D briefly glanced over at Noodle, that was staring at the ground. His mouth opened to speak something, but the native couldn't come out.

The young mrs held earlier the tears that were developing in she eyes.

He go not favor me...

Suddenly, fury filled Noodle. "What room you doing in my room, anyways?! gain out of mine room!! gain out, obtain out, obtain out!!"

She threw every one of her pillows at her band mates, noticing the sad watch 2D provided her before closing the door.

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Running to she bed, she curled up in her cover, crying softly. Why did she quiet treat her love life comparable to the of a high institution romance? She was twenty-six, a complete grown mrs!